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Introduction to the Court
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China Institute of Meteorological Sciences is the largest scale in the field of atmospheric sciences in my country、National Social Welfare Research Institutions with the most subject types,belonging to the China Meteorological Bureau。

China Institute of Meteorological Sciences is the theory and method of disaster weather monitoring and forecasting,Global change mechanism、Estimation and impact assessment,Qinghai -Tibet Plateau weather and climate impact and scientific test,Polar Meteorological Observation、Analysis and application,Atmospheric ingredients and weather、Climate interaction,Carbon neutralized effect monitoring and inspection support,Ecological Meteorological and Agricultural Meteorological Disaster Monitoring Evaluation Early Warning,Artificial Intelligence Meteorological Application Theory and Method,Marine Meteorological Disaster Forecast Early Bet365 lotto reviewWarning Theory and Method,Meteorological impact and risk assessment are comprehensive research bases in my country's atmospheric science in the direction of disciplines,The scientific and technological issues faced in the process of modernization of the meteorological industry and the international scientific frontier,Mainly application of basic research、State -level scientific research bases and talent training bases that take into account basic theoretical research and technology development。

Development process
It was formerly a Central Institute of Meteorological Science, which was established in August 1956,1978 renamed the Institute of Meteorological Sciences of the Central Meteorological Bureau,1991 more existing name。In 2000, it was selected by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the pilot unit of the reform of the science and technology system of the National Public Welfare Research Institute,Since 2001。
Current,The Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences is around national needs,aiming at major scientific and technological issues in the development of meteorological business services and comprehensive scientific frontier、forward -looking、Strategic research Questions,Dedicated to build a reasonable field for building a professional field、Key discipline advantages outstanding、Technology Innovation Talent Collection、Domestic first -class internationally status meteorological scientific research institutions with a close combination of scientific research business work hard。

Talent status and institutional establishment
There is a combination of an old and middle -aged composition、Research Team with strong strength with scientific and highly educated personnel as the main body。2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; 5 people in the National Outstanding Youth Fund、The leading Bet365 lotto reviewtalent of the National "Thousand Talents Plan"、4 people in the "Thousand Talents Plan" of the National、Five people of the national "Million Plan" talent、5 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund。323 people,where,104 experts,116 deputy senior experts,There are 236 and 65 people with doctoral degrees and master's degrees。As the country's first batch of atmospheric scientific graduate training units,There are currently 345 students in the school,Among them, 121 doctoral students,224 master students。Joint training doctoral students 298 people、Master's degree 1216,Nearly 90%of graduates work in the national meteorological department。
At present, there are 4 management offices in the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences,7 research units in Beijing,3 of Beijing Branch,1 National Key Laboratory (National Key Laboratory of Disaster Weather),2 Key Open Laboratory at the China Meteorological Administration at the department level (China Meteorological Administration's atmospheric chemistry key opening laboratory、China Meteorological Agency's radar Meteorological Key Open Lab、1 key open laboratory in cultivation category (key open laboratory for lightning)。Having Gucheng Agricultural Meteorological Field Science Test Base,Selected into the National Field Scientific Observation Research Station,Joint Provincial Meteorological Bureau to build a number of wild scientific test bases。

The main results of the research direction
For a long time,The Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences is committed to continuing to talk about in the direction of main attack research。A group of advantages and characteristic scientific research teams have been formed in some areas,Including 1 Innovation team of innovatives in the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation (Fog-Haze Monitoring Forecast)Bet365 lotto review、3 key innovation teams of the China Meteorological Administration (Earth System Observation and Chemical Weather System、Storm research、Qinghai -Tibet Plateau)、3 Youth Innovation Teams of the China Meteorological Administration (key technology of transportation meteorological、Climate change and impact on the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau、Frozen ring weather, climate monitoring and prediction)。
Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences around meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation、Copy climate change、Ecological civilization construction and other countries needs,Carry out basic research、Application Basic Studies、Application research and technology development, etc.。Since the 13th Five -Year Plan,Hosted 23 items of national key research and development plan projects,Covering major natural disasters、Pollution prevention and control of air pollution、Global changes and response、Strategic scientific and technological innovation cooperation、Main crops are high yield and other specials; lead the cause of atmospheric serious pollution and governance of the Ministry of Ecological Environment (Prime Minister Fund); Lead the Second Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Comprehensive Scientific Investigation Research Mission 1,Get a national patent over 100 items。
Over the years,The Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences strives to improve the ability to support business。At the same time,Design and technology supports the global and regional atmospheric base observation station、Atmospheric ingredient sample analysis and data processing business、China's Meteorological Numerous Forecast System (Grapes)、New generation weather radar quality control and 3D digital puzzle software system、Medium -scale disaster weather monitoring、Analysis and Forecast System (RAFS)、Asian sandstorm storm Bet365 sportsbook reviewvalue forecast system cuace/dust)、Numerical Forecast System of Atmospheric Solk & Gun (PM2.5)、Atmospheric lightning warning system、East Asian monsoon prediction system、Artificial affecting weather business system、Agricultural major meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning and regulation technology、Regional high -resolution numerical mode evaluation business system, etc.。The above systems and technologies are promoted to varying degrees to the national level、Provincial business and civil aviation、Electricity and other industries,Has a positive role for the country's disaster prevention and mitigation。
Actively provide decision -making consulting for major activity weather guarantees and major weather and climate events。Serving major national strategies such as climate change、Double carbon target、Blue Sky Defense War、Ecological environment protection、Polar Strategy, etc.,major service projects such as Sanbei Protective Forest、Southern Water Diversion; important service decisions such as Oriental Star、Silver Incident、Zhengzhou heavy rain、New crown epidemic, etc.,2022 Winter Olympics、Fourteen Yun and other major activities provide scientific and technological support,For Typhoon、heavy rain、Emergency will provide decision support for emergency pollution and other emergency will provide decision support。