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Standard Number Standard name Standard level Release Date
GB/T 42073-2022 Climate risk index arid National standard 2022/10/14
qx/t 638-2022 Climate prediction inspection Tropical atmospheric season oscillation Label 2022/1/7
qx/t 617-2021 Meteorological Digital Object Identity Symbol General Principles Label 2021/7/16
GB/T 40243-2021 Tornado intensity level National standard 2021/5/21
GB/T 38957-2020 Tropical cyclones of sea wind farms affect evaluation technical specifications National standard 2020/7/21
qx/t 532-2019 Brewer spectral standard school specification Label 2019/12/26
qx/t 533-2019 The technical specifications of the sunlight in the sun Label 2019/12/26
qx/t 509-2019 GRIMM 180 particulate matter concentration monitoring device specifications Label 2019/9/30
GB/T 37744-2019 Rice heat damage meteorological level National standard 2019/6/4
qx/t 478-2019 Tornado strength level Label 2019/4/28
qx/t 479-2019 PM2.5 Meteorological Condition Emi Label 2019/4/28
qx/t 82-2019 Wheat dry hot air disaster level Label 2019/4/28
qx/t 468-2018 Agricultural Meteorological Observation Standardized Rice Label 2018/12/12
qx/t 442-2018 Continuous rainstorm incident Label 2018/9/20
qx/t 448-2018 Agricultural Meteorological Observation Standardized Rapes Label 2018/9/20
GB/T 34965-2017 Chili cold damage level National standard 2017/12/29
GB/T 35664-2017 Bet365 lotto reviewMeasurement ion chromatography of ammonium ions in the atmospheric precipitation National standard 2017/12/29
GB/T 35665-2017 Measurement of methacology root and aceticate ions in atmospheric precipitation ion chromatography National standard 2017/12/29
GB/T 34808-2017 Agricultural Meteorological Observation Specification Soybean National standard 2017/11/1
GB/T 34810-2017 Cropwyling irrigation meteorological grade corn National standard 2017/11/1
GB/T 34811-2017 Craftsmanship water -saving irrigation meteorological grade wheat National standard 2017/11/1
GB/T 34812-2017 Craftsmanship water -saving irrigation meteorological level cotton National standard 2017/11/1
GB/T 34813-2017 Crop Water Sales Irrigation Meteorological Level Soy National standard 2017/11/1
GB/T 34818-2017 Calculation method of farmland water profit and loss National standard 2017/11/1
GB/T 34415-2017 Atmospheric carbon dioxide CO2 optical cavity decay spectrum observation system National standard 2017/9/29
GB/T 34295-2017 Non -professional carbon dioxide poisoning meteorological condition level National standard 2017/9/7
GB/T 34307-2017 dry and wet climate level National standard 2017/9/7
qx/t 383-2017 Risk Evaluation Method for Risk Disaster Risk Label 2017/6/9
GB/T 33666-2017 El Nino/Rana incident judgment method National standard 2017/5/12
GB/T 33672-2017 Atmospheric methane photocariasis spectral observation system National standard 2017/5/12
qx/t 372-2017 Grade of Sour Rain and Sour Rain areas Label 2017/2/10
qx/t 368-2016 Solar constant and zero atmospheric quality of solar spectrum radiation Label 2016/12/12
qx/t 335-2016 Main grain crop output years Label 2016/9/29
qx/t 299-2015 Agricultural Meteorological Observation Standards Winter Wheat Label 2015/12/11
qx/t 305-2015 Diameter 47mm Atmospheric soluble soluble filter film weighing technical specification Label 2015/12/11
qx/t 307-2015 The quality concentration of the air -gas solution is observed. Label 2015/12/11
qx/t 269-2015 Qi -soluble gum pollution weather condition index (PLAM) Label 2015/7/28
qx/t 270-2015 CE318 Observation Regulations for Sunshinemeter Label 2015/7/28
qx/t 271-2015 Optical Attenuation Method attenuation The Atmospheric particulate matter absorb light meal maintenance and calibration cycle Label 2015/7/28
qx/t 272-2015 Atmospheric sulfur dioxide monitoring method UV fluorescent method Label 2015/7/28
qx/t 273-2015 Atmospheric carbon dioxide monitoring method Activity method of infrared gas filtration Label 2015/7/28
GB/T 31705-2015 Qi phase color spectrum method Base base atmosphere carbon dioxide and methane concentration online observation method National standard 2015/6/2
GB/T 31707-2015 Qi phase color spectrum method Based atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration online observation data processing method National standard 2015/6/2
GB/T 31709-2015 Qi Phase color spectrum method Based atmosphere carbon dioxide and methane concentration online observation data processing method National standard 2015/6/2
GB/T 31724-2015 Terms of Wind Energy Resources National standard 2015/6/2
qx/t 260-2015 Northern summer corn arid grade Label 2015/1/26
qx/t 262-2015 Thunderbolt near the warning technology guide Label 2015/1/26
GB 31224-2014 bet365 best casino gamesMeteorological detection environmental protection specification at the atmospheric base station National standard 2014/9/30
GB/T 31156-2014 Total radiation of solar resources National standard 2014/9/3
GB/T 31159-2014 Atmospheric solution observation term National standard 2014/9/3
qx/t 213-2013 Greenhouse gas glass sampling bottle processing and post -treatment method Label 2013/12/22
qx/t 214-2013 Journal of Gas Gas Stainless Steel Syndrome Preparing and Post -treatment Method Label 2013/12/22
qx/t 215-2013 Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane gas preparation method Label 2013/12/22
qx/t 191-2013 Statistical specifications of lightning disasters Label 2013/7/11
qx/t 79.2-2013 Lightning Monitoring Positioning System Part 2: Observation Method Label 2013/7/11
qx/t 79.3-2013 Lightning Monitoring and Positioning System Part 3: Acceptance Regulations Label 2013/7/11
qx/t 183-2013 Technical specifications of drought assessment of the North Grassland Label 2013/1/4
GB/T 29366-2012 Drought grade in the grassland of the northern pastoral area National standard 2012/12/31
qx/t 167-2012 Technical specifications for the cold damage evaluation of spring corn in the north Label 2012/11/29
qx/t 172-2012 BreWer spectrometer to observe the total oxygen column method Label 2012/11/29
qx/t 173-2012 grimm 180 Measurement PM10、PM2.5 and PM1 method Label 2012/11/29
qx/t 174-2012 Selection requirements of atmospheric ingredients Label 2012/11/29
qx/t 164-2012 The sampling method of greenhouse gas glass bottle Label 2012/8/30
GB/T 27963-2011 House environment Climate comfort evaluation National standard 2011/12/30
qx/t 142-2011 Drought indicators in the northern grassland Label 2011/8/16
qx/t 132-2011 Atmospheric ingredient observation data format Label 2011/4/22
qx/t 124-2011 Classification and encoding of atmospheric composition observation data Label 2011/4/1
qx/t 125-2011 Greenhouse gas base observation term Label 2011/4/1
qx/t 107-2009 Winter wheat, rapeseed stains Label 2009/6/7
GB/T 21005-2007 UV erythema effect reference spectrum、Standard erythema dose and ultraviolet index National standard 2007/7/27
qx/t 67-2007 The sampling measurement method of the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration bottle in the bottom of this bottom Non -color scattered infrared method Label 2007/6/22
qx/t 68-2007 Atmospheric black carbon gas solid observation optical attenuation method Label 2007/6/22
qx/t 69-2007 Atmospheric turbidity Observation solar meter method Label 2007/6/22
qx/t 70-2007 Atmospheric solubility element carbon and organic carbon measurement thermal analysis method Label 2007/6/22
qx/t 71-2007 Ground ozone observation specification Label 2007/6/22
qx/t 72-2007 Atmospheric sub -micron particle size Penalized distribution electricity migration analysis method Label 2007/6/22
qx/t 78-2007 Wind line radar signal processing specification Label 2007/6/22
qx/t 79-2007 Lightning Monitoring Positioning System Part 1: Technical Condition Label 2007/6/22
qx/t 81-2007 Wheat drought disaster level Label 2007/6/22
qx/t 19-2003 Net full radiation table Label 2003/7/10