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International cooperation
The Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences has extensively carried out international exchanges and cooperation,successively with Russia、Finland、Canada、Mongolia、Germany、Relevant meteorological research institutions in countries such as South Korea signed a cooperation agreement,Establish long -term cooperative relationship with more than 20 international organizations and national scientific research institutions。Lead or participate in many research plans of the World Meteorological Organization and other internationally renowned Bet365 Online Live Dealerinstitutions,Including WMO South China Mestwriting Wind Precipitation Test (SCMREX)、GURME、Third Polar Regional Climate Research Center (TPRCC)、High Impact International Coordination Office (HIW ICO)、Sand Dust Alarm and Evaluation System (SDS-WAS) Asia Regional Center、Air Quality Monitoring Analysis Forecast International Research Plan Joint Office and Arctic University Council and other major international scientific plans。Organizational preparation for the "Asia-Australia-Non-Mestwriting Science Test and Season Research" Greater Science Plan; with the United States、EU's scientific research institutions and universities form relatively stable cooperation,22 international cooperation includes a joint study bet365 best casino gameswith NOAA qi -soluble radiation characteristics observation,Integrated in China and the United States bilateral cooperation; research cooperation with the atmospheric composition related to climate change and air quality with the Finnish Meteorological Bureau,Interest into Zhongfen bilateral cooperation; cooperation with the Institute of International Space Sciences (ISSI-BJ to conduct the depth of the plateau snow depth of the plateau and the atmospheric analysis data evaluation of the area of ​​the snow cover。Successfully held 14 international academic exchanges in the past 5 years。Current,There are 23 scientists who work among 20 important international academic organizations,7 experts have served as the main Best slot on Bet365author and review expert。In November 2007, it was awarded a demonstration international science and technology cooperation base by the Ministry of Science and Technology,In November 2007, the Asia -Pacific Center of the World Meteorological Organization International Sand Dust Consultation and Evaluation System (WMO SDS WAS) settled in our hospital,October 2013 was approved as a promise member of the Arctic University Council。