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    Time 2024-05-19
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Domestic cooperation
China Institute of Meteorological Sciences adopts a variety of forms,Comprehensively strengthen cooperation and exchanges with relevant domestic universities and scientific research institutions, Jointly established the atmospheric water cycle and artificially influencing weather joint research center with Peking University,The research laboratory of remote sensing and climate information is jointly established with Beijing Normal University,The Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Bet365 lotto reviewInstitute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、The Institute of Cold and Drought of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established a key laboratory of frozen rings and environmental joints,Building the Zhejiang Branch of the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences with the Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau。Construction of WMO China Atmospheric Base Standards Observation Channel with Qinghai Meteorological Bureau,and Beijing、Heilongjiang Province and Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau built Beijing Shangdianzi、Heilongjiang Longfeng Mountain、Zhejiang Lin'an 3 National Wild Scientific Observation Research Station,and Hubei Province、The Meteorological Bureau of Yunnan Province and Best slot on Bet365the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will jointly build Hubei Jinsha、Yunnan Shangri -La、Xinjiang Akidala 3 regional atmospheric background observation stations。and Shanghai、Anhui、Hubei and Guangdong Meteorological Bureau built the Yangtze River Delta、Huaihe River Basin、​​4 medium -scale observation and application test bases in Central China and South China,Construction of Guangzhou Conghua Lei Electric Examination Base with the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau。Institute of Aviation Equipment、Tianjin University、Lingyun Technology Group Co., Ltd.、An Air Force Aer Air Force jointly developed airborne aircraft aircraft,Signed a strategic partner agreement with the Chinese Institute Best slot on Bet365of Weapons Science。The promotion and application of more than 100 scientific and technological achievements and research technology to the department、Army、Air、Electricity and other businesses,Actively give full play to the support of science and technology on the country's disaster prevention and mitigation and responding to climate change。