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Institutional settings
> Office of the Party Committee (Personnel Office)
Office of the Party Committee (Personnel Office)

Main responsibilities

bet365 best casino gamesResponsible for formulating the implementation of the organizational personnel and party building work plan、Plan and system; Responsible for personnel management、Institutional preparation、Cadre assessment and supervision and management、Talent team building and training; responsible for the management and service of retirees; undertake party building、Disciplinary inspection and party style and clean government construction、Organization coordination and implementation of party member team management,Responsible for the daily work of the Office of the Party Construction Work Leading Group of the Party Committee of the hospital; responsible for internal audit; responsible for the trade union、League Committee and Youth Work。

Director:Yufei,Tel: 68406718,Email: yufei@cma.gov.cn

Deputy Director:Zhao Chunmei, Tel:68406745,Email: zhaocm@cma.gov.cn

   Zeng Qingguo, Tel:68406202,Email: zengqg@cma.gov.cn

   Liang Yuying, Telephone:58993305,Email: liangyy@cma.gov.cn