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In the context of global Bet365 Online Live Dealerwarming,The weather and climate change and its impact in the polar region have extended to the environment、Resource and geopolitics and other fields,and attract the attention of major countries around the world,my country ’s increasing importance to polar scientific research has continuously increased scientific research investment。Considering the important impact of frozen rings on global energy -water cycle,Global scientists pay attention to polar levels,and got a lot of new understanding。but,Polar Weather Climate Evaluation、Simulation and Forecast is still restricting that we know the polar、Protect the key bottlenecks of the polar and use the polar ground。

Under the leadership and high attention of the Chinese Meteorological Administration and the Academy of Vehicle Sciences, Our hospital is one of the main units of Chinese polar scientific investigation and research,Responsible for the inspection and Bet365 Online Live Dealerresearch of polar meteorological observation and scientific research projects。until 2022,my country has organized 39 Antarctic Investigation,12 Arctic Investigation,Our hospital has participated in all the scientific investigations of North and North Pole in the past。At present, about 300 people who have selected meteorological personnel from the National Meteorological Department participated in Du Xiahe Winter Investigation。
    In February 1985, it was organized by the China Meteorological Administration、The Academy of Vitamin undertakes the establishment of the China Antarctic Great Wall Meteorological Station on the King Island of George, Southwest,In February 1989, it was organized to build a China Antarctic Zhongshan Meteorological Observatory in the South Polar of the Southeast Polar。Great Wall Meteorological Station and Zhongshan Meteorological Observatory,Carry out business operations Best slot on Bet365in accordance with the business specifications of the China Meteorological Bureau,Fastly included in the Antarctic Basic Weather Station (ABSN) and Antarctic Basic Climate Station (ABCN),Zhongshan Meteorological Observatory is also included in the Global Climate Observation System Ground Station Network (GSN),The international district station number is 89058 and 89573。
    Since 2005, our hospital has gradually carried out the construction of automatic meteorological stations at the cross -section of Kunlun Station PANDA Station,Initial cooperation with Australia and the United States,Currently fulfilled independent research and development and construction。2021 Taishan Station and Kunlun Station officially declared to join the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Global Remote Communication System (GTS),and get the WMO area station number 89576 and 89572,Enter business operation。The Basic Meteorological Bet365 Online Live DealerStation of the Ross Sea National Meteorological Station was built on December 30, 2012,It has been running for nearly 10 years,It has officially carried out business operations on December 1, 2022 (20:00, November 30, Beijing time),The district station number is 89863。Antarctica is one of the most scarce areas of meteorological data,With the construction of my country's Antarctic Automatic Meteorological Station,my country's observation ability in Antarctica has gradually increased,At present, it has reached the international advanced level。