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> South China monsoon precipitation test (SCMREX Plan)

I. SCMREX Plan to establish a background

SCMREX Plan is a strong Bet365 Online Live Dealerprecipitation of the southwest wind of my country for my country's meteorological department,Especially the international scientific test plan proposed by scientific issues that need to be solved urgently in the sudden rainstorm disaster。The Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences will lead the South China Merragian Precipitation Test (SCMREX Plan)。

In July 2012, with the attention of the leadership of the China Meteorological Administration and the strong support of the relevant functions of the Bureau,The "SCMREX Plan) applied for the China Meteorological Administration (SCMREX Plan) was approved by the World Meteorological Organization World Weather Research Program (WMO/WWRP) Research and Development Project,RDP)。
On March 21, 2013, the Department of Science and Technology of the Bureau organized a SCMREX Implementation Plan Expert Consultation Meeting ,At the meeting, from the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences、Sun Yat -sen University、National Natural Science Foundation of Bet365 Online Live DealerChina、China Meteorological Bureau and several foreign experts have achieved affirmation of the prospects of the SCMREX program。

2. SCMREX Plan to implement organizational structure

April 21, 2013,In order to further implement the implementation of the SCMREX program,Applying for the establishment of a work plan organizational structure with the China Meteorological Administration (including the International Scientific Guidance Committee、Domestic Syndrome Fighting Group、Four working groups)。This application was approved by the China Meteorological Administration's Science and Technology and Climate Change in June 2013。

The "International Scientific Guidance Committee" is responsible for the design and supervision of the guidance plan; the "domestic coordination group" is responsible for the implementation of the implementation and coordination of the work group of the exterior experiments; Experiment -related tasks,respectively: Observation Working Group、Data Working Group、Numerous Bet365 Online Live Dealerweather forecast group (numerical simulation group)、mechanism group。

3. SCMREX Plan for progress in 2014

April 3-6, 2014,Select the location of the instrument and equipment of the external field,The test area is selected as Guangdong、Guangxi、Hainan、Hong Kong and the surrounding waters,Crypting observation on the basis of the original business observation network。Conventional business observation network includes: 33 weather radar stations,23 windline line radar,133 GPS/MET Station,86 automatic stations and more than 9,000 regional stations。The area of ​​encrypted observation is: A: Yangjiang-Maoming Observation Area,B: Guangzhou-Heshan Observation Area; Crypto Observation Station: Qingyuan、Yangjiang、Haikou、Sanya、Wuzhou、Nanning、Beihai。

May 1, 2014-June 15, 2014,Formally enter the encryption observation phase,Monitoring of mobile observation equipment 24 hours during the rainstorm process,Daily records Best slot on Bet365of instrument operation and weather details。Virgin Crypto observation starts from 08:00 on May 1, 2014,End at 08:00 on June 15, 2014。Qingyuan、Yangjiang、Haikou、Sanya 4 Station on the basis of business observation of daily life,Add two encrypted observations of 02 and 14:00; Wuzhou、Nanning、Beihai 3 Station increased by 14 o'clock during the trial,According to the heavy rain process forecast of the Meteorological Bureau,June 5th 08-16,Encryption observation。

SCMREX project's 2014 encryption test data is organized and shared on the website as follows: