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> The third Qinghai -Tibet Plateau atmosphere science test

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a、 Purchase of the third Qinghai -Tibet Plateau atmospheric scientific test 

The environment of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau is bad,Rare meteorological stations,Lack of observation information,and remote sensing data is greater uncertain,These all directly affect the development of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau meteorology。Numerical model has become the main means of weather climate Bet365 sportsbook reviewforecast business,But due to the unique border structure of the plateau and the complex cloud -drop physical process,At present, almost all numerical modes are low to East Asian climate, especially the simulation ability of plateau cloud and precipitation,Directly restrict the improvement of the accuracy of numerical forecast。

With the support of the National Science and Technology Council and the National Planning Commission,The Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Central Meteorological Administration implemented the first Qinghai-Tibet Plateau atmosphere science test from May-August 1979,and with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology,China Meteorological Administration and the Chinese Academy of Sciences implemented the second Qinghai-Tibet Plateau atmosphere science test from May-August 1998。These two experiments focused on the interaction of land gas interactions and border layer observations around the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau,provides valuable experience for continuing to carry out the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau atmospheric science test。

Two, the third Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Atmospheric Science Test Plan

2013 China Meteorological Bureau、The National Natural Science Foundation of China、The Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly promoted the establishment of the third Qinghai -Tibet Plateau atmospheric science test。This project is aimed at the unique land surface of the Qinghai -Tibet Bet365 sportsbook reviewPlateau -boundary layer -the interaction of the stream layer -flat flow layer and the impact on the regional climate,Study on key science and technology issues,Including: the fusion and comprehensive analysis technology of the multi -source observation data,Plateau's multi -scale terrain impact and land surface -border layer physical process,Plateau cloud precipitation physical process and atmospheric water cycle,Plateau Flowing layer — Physical chemistry processes exchanged for flow layers,Plateau weather system and the comprehensive diagnosis and forecast method of the disaster,Plateau climate abnormalities on China's drought and flooding mechanism and prediction method。So,8-10 years of scientific experiments will carry out comprehensive observations and scientific theory and technical research from land to flat stratums。

3. The overall thinking of the test design

The third Qinghai -Tibet Plateau atmospheric science test will focus on my country's catastrophic weather and climate forecast key technology,Build a three -dimensional point of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and the surrounding areas -comprehensive observation system,Realize plateau land noodles、Border layer、Sky base of the streaming and stream layer、Observation of the integration of air base and foundation,Gradually realize long Bet365 sportsbook review-term observation; make full use of historical data、Existing business systems and the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" business observation station network construction provided by the plateau in the central and western parts of the plateau provided by the construction of the network, and the encrypted observation information during the test period,Improve the accuracy of satellite countermeasure products in the plateau region,Develop the ground、Integration analysis technology of high-altitude and satellite remote sensing and other materials; establish land surface-boundary layer and cloud-drop physical process model and related numerical forecast mode parameterization techniques for the establishment of high-altitude-complicated terrain; New understanding of the event,Develop a short -term climate prediction method for the development of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and downstream disaster weather forecasting technology and extreme climate events,Provide technical support for improving China's heavy rain and drought and flood forecasting business。

4. Exterior observation arrangement of the test

First stage: 2014-2017

  • Qinghai -Tibet Plateau land surface water heat balance observation
  • Observation of the boundary process (Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan)
  • Observation of the physical process of cloud reduction (Tibet, Sichuan, Yunnan)
  • Comprehensive Observation of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau at the atmospheric water circulation
  • Comprehensive observation of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and downstream disaster weather
  • Comprehensive observation Bet365 Online Live Dealerof the verification of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau satellite remote sensing product verification

Phase II: 2018-2021

  • Border layer observation (Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi)
  • Observation of the physical process of cloud reduction (Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi)
  • Qinghai-Tibet Plateau flat stratum-exchanges for flow layers

V. Research task of test

  • Poly source observation data fusion analysis technology
  • Numerous forecast mode Key physical process parameterization technology
  • Weather and climate forecast theory and method
  • Comprehensive application platform for research results