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Guangzhou Wild Lightning Power Test Base was founded in 2005,Located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province,The annual thunderbolt in the area exceeds 80 days,Provides good weather conditions for thunder Bet365 Online Live Dealerand lightning research。With the strong support of the China Institute of Meteorological Science and the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau,After the construction of recent years,The base already has an artificial lightning test、Comprehensive Observation Test of Lightning Physical features、Lightning Positioning System Test、Lightning Early Warning Technology Development Test、Soft for lightning protection test、Hardware conditions,At the same time, it can meet the needs of some test equipment research and development and testing。The test base has carried out many aspects of comprehensive observation tests for lightning and electricity,Get a large number of high -quality observation information,Monitoring in lightning、Early warning and protection has achieved fruitful results。

Artificial Lines and Natural Lightning Observation Station After years of continuous construction,It has been built to the observation point of the Conghua Bureau、Optical Observation Point、Lightning Power Test Base composed of thunderstorm test fields,Among them, 4 (about 600m2)、Two expert buildings Bet365 sportsbook review(about 700m2),Comprehensive observation of sound and light electromagnetic can be performed by natural lightning,Wild test field covers an area of ​​about 60 acres,controlled range of about 1km2,and the control room、Generator room、Automatic Meteorological Station、Communication Tower、High -voltage transmission line、Wind power generator and other large -scale test facilities。I have purchased the atmospheric average electric field meter、High -speed camera、High -speed oscilloscope、High -speed camera、spectrum analyzer、High -pressure isolation collection record device and other international advanced thunderstorms and lightning observation equipment,At the same time, I also developed the fast and slow antenna、Magnetic field sensor、Continuous collection record system、Optical Electromagnetic Integrated Detection System and other necessary detection equipment,Natural lightning in summer every summer、Comprehensive observation test of artificially trigger lightning and high -building lightning。As of October 2014, it has been successfully bet365 best casino gamesquoted 74 times,and obtained a large amount of comprehensive observation information for natural lightning and artificially triggered lightning,The foundation laid the foundation for the research of lightning physics and protection technology。The test base has become a capable monitoring for lightning、Lightning early warning forecast and lightning protection business providing important platforms for technology support。

Guangzhou Wild Lightning Test Base,Create a refined comprehensive observation of comprehensive observations of complicated lightning physical processes and new technology testing platform for lightning protection,Development and improvement of artificial lightning technology,Successfully triggered different types of lightning,Synchronous high accuracy of the 10,000 -thousand -sale light current directly measured by the 10,000 -sale level,Solved the close sound of the lightning channel、Light、Electric、Magnetic synchronous observation technology and synchronous collection technology of multi -parameter lightning data and lightning protection test data in the wild environment,Quantitative Best slot on Bet365evaluation of the detection performance of the lightning positioning system,The protection test test of the communication base station and wind power generator in the real lightning electromagnetic environment was carried out.,It provides important scientific data and theoretical foundation for the development of new technologies for lightning and protection。

Thunderbolt Wild Test and Application Platform has been applied to automatic meteorological station、Wireless Communication Base Station、High voltage transmission line、Buried Cable、Lightning protection technology tests such as wind power generator and surge protector,Get rich first -hand information。Trained 7 doctors and more than 20 master's degree students,and formed a talent team that has an important impact at home and abroad。