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> What is the "polar specialty" in the Antarctica of the scientific research team? Air!

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      Polar atmosphere research is one of the important contents of the Antarctic Investigation,Scientific examiners completed the construction and operation and maintenance of Antarctic Meteorological Observation Station、Zhongshan Station atmospheric chemical observation and other tasks,and collect related atmospheric samples。

      When the reporter recently came to the Polar Chemistry Laboratory of the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences,The staff here is analyzing these gas samples。Atmospheric samples contain carbon dioxide、methane、Different gases such as sulfurization,After the concentration results are analyzed,Researchers Bet365 sportsbook reviewrecord it one by one,Compare with the data of the previous year,Finally, a new research result。

      The reporter learned,Global Atmospheric methane has been systematically recorded since 1983,my country's Zhongshan Station observation starts from 2010,After that, scientific researchers have conducted long -term continuous follow -up research。

      Discovery during the observation of scientific researchers,Except for methane gas showing an annual growth trend,Antarctic carbon dioxide concentration is also growing year by year,From 2010 to 2022,Carbon dioxide increases Bet365 Online Live Dealerat a concentration of 1.9 million cents per year。

Multiple ways to continuously monitor the atmospheric changes in the Antarctica

      Over the years,Chinese scientists carried out continuous research on Antarctic Gas,Observation data obtained by monitoring,It is of great significance to study the study of Antarctica climate and its impact on the global climate。

      So these invisible、How did the atmosphere collected?

       Zhao Shoudong, an associate researcher at the Global Change of the Institute of Meteorological Sciences and Polar Research Institute: This is the air sampling device we use in Antarctica,Our main job is from the time of the Antarctica every week to two weeks,Collect two bottles of air samples like this。When sampling, it is necessary to operate this instrument,If I am nearby,The gas I exhaled will be collected by it,This affects the purity of the sample,SoHeight from 5 meters,Picked a pure local air in Antarctica

        Current,my country Antarctic Investigation Research takes various ways to conduct at the same time,Real -time online monitoring of Zhongshan Station,Zhongshan Station on -site sampling back to China、Examiner sailing online monitoring and satellite transmission、Beijing laboratory real -time monitoring, etc.。

        In addition to the atmospheric component monitoring,Zhongshan Station will also conduct 4 ground meteorological observations and reports 4 times a day。These data requirements are required to be sent back to China at a fixed time every day,Report from the China Meteorological Administration to the World Meteorological Organization。

        The reporter learned,my country established a atmospheric base monitoring system at Zhongshan Station in Antarctica in 2008,Continue to the greenhouse gas around Zhongshan Station、Parameters of total ozone and black carbon gas solution for continuous online monitoring,Use professional gas storage cylinders to sample,System collects greenhouse gas samples,It supplemented the gap in my country in the field of polar atmosphere chemistry。