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> Sun Zhaobin: "Weather Predator" of human health

      The meteorological environment has always deeply affected the health and evolutionary process of human life,If the global greenhouse effect and pollen disease、Repeated impermanence and flu in temperature。Facing climate change,How to guarantee human health? It is in the background of the "double carbon" target,Treatment of the relationship between energy conservation and emission reduction and human health,It is particularly important。

      Researcher Sun Zhaobin,Focus on the field of meteorological environment and human health for many years,Through meticulous research、Fresh data research、A large number of field inspections,Get a series of research results,I contributed a force to the cross -study of meteorological science and human health。Recent,He accepted an exclusive interview with the People's Daily with a quality journalist。


■ Thinking in the background of "Double Carbon"

      Humanity's attention to climate change has a long history。As early as the mid -19th century,John Tingder and other European scientists started from observing the Swiss glacier,Open the attention Best slot on Bet365and thinking of the temperature environment of the earth。Time transfer,Enter the 21st century,With the research on climate change gradually deepened,Human began to deeply realize the profound impact of climate change on human health。

      To improve environmental quality and ensure public health,For a long time,my country's energy conservation and emission reduction、Environmental protection has given great attention。2013,The State Council has issued the "Planning for the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution" (referred to as "Ten Atmosphere")。2020,my country has clearly proposed that it will take more powerful policies and measures,Strive to achieve carbon peaks by 2030,Strive to strive to achieve carbon neutralization in 2060。

      Implementation of emission reduction policies,Researcher Sun Zhaobin, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, over the years around the interview direction of the discipline of meteorological environment and health,From the perspective of environmental evolution that affects human health,In -depth research on the relationship between the emission reduction policy and the health effect。Sun Zhaobin and analyzed the implementation of "Ten Atmosphere" before and after,Beijing's short -term exposure of PM2.5 short -term exposure to the risk of death and circulatory system disease death risk of death。Results indicate,After the implementation of emission reduction policies,PM2.5 The risk of death and circulating system diseases caused by 10 μg/m3 of 10 μg/m3 decreases significantly。Beijing region ’s causes of cycling and respiratory diseases caused by temperature and PM2.5 are 23.76%and 17.54%,Where,The most attribution risk caused by low temperature,PM2.5 times,The minimum attribution risk caused by high temperature。This provides key epidemiological evidence for the implementation of the emission reduction policy。Now,In the "double carbon" background,Sun Zhaobin thinks,Atmospheric Bet365 Online Live Dealerpollution reduction and response to climate change should be coordinated。


■ An infectious disease data set that spans thousands of years

      The meteorological environment has always played an indispensable role in human life and health。History period,The main cause of human illness and death of humans is infectious diseases; the main diseases that cause human death in contemporary times have gradually changed from acute and chronic infectious diseases to chronic non -infectious diseases,Circulation System、Respiratory diseases have always been at the forefront in various causes of diseases。Multi -time -scale disturbances in the meteorological environment、Extreme events and infectious diseases、Passive diseases are closely related。

       But,Human awareness of the relationship between human beings and the relationship between climate change and infectious diseases mostly concentrated in contemporary decades,The 100 -year -old scale to the millennium scale of the historical period,The relationship between climate change and infectious diseases is less known。Chinese civilization as the only civilization in the four major civilizations in ancient civilizations,Tradition with continuous records of infectious diseases。2022,Sun Zhaobin as the person in charge of the project,Hosted the National Natural Science Foundation of China on the "Impact of Climate Change on the Distribution of Time and Space in China in Twenty -Thousand Years",Large -scale scope of the historical period for China、Long -term climate change and their social factors on the collaborative impact of infectious diseases to carry out research。Documents published publicly at home and abroad,established a set of more than 2000 years、More than 40,000 pieces with space -time information、Infectious disease data set,The type of infectious diseases (such as plague、ceilings、cholera, etc.)、Optional Time (Dynasties、Year、month、Season)、Place of onset (province、City、State、House、County, etc.), etc.。This project is selected as "common orientation,Cross Bet365 Online Live Dealer-merger "funding case project。The Ministry of Earth Sciences of the National Natural Science Foundation of China mentioned this work in the brief analysis of project review and funding in the field of atmospheric sciences in 2021,Judging experts pointed out the results of this research "can fill the lack of long -term long -term climate change on the impact of infectious diseases,It has important inspirational value for my country and global response to climate change。”


■ R & D results obtained professional recognition

      I was admitted to college from 2004 to study atmosphere science,Then follow climate change、Professor in the field of atmospheric environment and public health studies related disciplines cross -knowledge and method,Then go to work at the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences,In 20 years,It can be said that Sun Zhaobin has been dealing with the field of meteorological environment and human health。

      Over the years,Sun Zhaobin work diligent,Courage to innovate,Meteorology、Atmospheric environment、Each discipline theory of epidemiology and infectious diseases、Viewpoint、Data and Modeling Technology Carry out R & D work,Its research direction is mainly concentrated in two aspects: on the one hand,Based on epidemiological model、Geographical Information Technology (GIS) and atmospheric numerical models to study the impact of gas solution and meteorological conditions on human health; on the other hand,Study Meteorological Mechanism for the formation of pollution in the air (Land Ringwa、stereo structure),and achieved a series of innovative results。

       For example,With the recent rise in the northern region, it is obvious,The peak of pollen disease that patients with allergic rhinitis are highly concerned in this spring that is warmer than previous years.。Under the background of climate warming and urbanization,Bio -gas solution (also known as gas decentralization system,refers to a variety of solid particles and liquid tiny particles suspended in the atmosphere,such as the spore pollen of Bet365 Online Live Dealerplants, etc.) The impact on health has gradually become a hot spot in the field of environmental health,pollen has caused the proportion of the onset of allergic diseases in the urban population to increase year by year。The effect of pollen solidar on allergic diseases,Sun Zhaobin determined the threshold concentration of the total concentration of pollen on allergic rhinitis,Different gender、The sensitive types of spring tree pollen corresponding to people corresponding to people in different ages、Autumn weed pollen sensitive types。Its achievements were published in Environmental Research (2023) and Science of the Total Environment (2023)。Objective situation for the high incidence of pollen allergies in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, my country,Sun Zhaobin on the basis of previous research and development,Joint Software Platform R & D Agency、The local meteorological and medical department took the lead in developing the healthy influence system,Business application in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province,Pay the health of pollen health to the public。


      ,As a backbone,Sun Zhaobin participated in multiple projects such as national key research and development,Among them, the national key R & D plan "Black Carbon Resistance Reduction Strategy and Climate-Health Evaluation Evaluation" is rated as an excellent level by the Ministry of Science and Technology,Its R & D results have been awarded 18 items of provincial and ministerial and department -level rewards,Highly recognized by the professional department。

      Facing future challenges,Sun Zhaobin admits that he will adhere to the attitude of excellence at work,and the ideal belief of "the big of the country",Continue to conduct in -depth research on the field of meteorological environment and human health,"Weather Forecast" for human health。