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    Time 2024-07-16
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> The first Traffic Meteorological Forum was successfully held

      April 21st to 22nd, 2024,The first Traffic Meteorological Forum was successfully held in Yangzhou。This forum is based on the theme of "Strengthening Innovation and Integration and Guarantee All Road",Focusing on the highly affecting the weather disaster mechanism research,Improvement of precision observation of traffic meteorological、Precise Forecast、Fine service ability,Further promote the integrated and integrated Bet365 Online Live Dealerdevelopment of the frontiers of traffic meteorological academic academic academic and related fields。


      The opening ceremony of the forum was chaired by Wang Jinxing, Secretary -General of the Chinese Meteorological Society,Zhang Jing, Director of the Meteorological Bureau of Jiangsu Province、Gao Yun, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences、Liu Liu, deputy mayor of Yangzhou Municipal Government, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech。


      The forum specially invited Academician Xu Xiangde、Researcher Zhao Guotang, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd.、Professor Li Yaohui of China Civil Aviation Flight Academy、Director Zhu Xiaoxiang, Director Zhu Xiaoxiang, Public Meteorological Bet365 Online Live DealerService Center of the China Meteorological Administration, centered on the development strategy of smart transportation guarantee projects、High -speed rail technology innovation of complex climate zone、The current situation and development thinking of road traffic meteorology、Special reports of the traffic warning and disposal strategies for sudden weather incidents。


      This session of the traffic forum is the first time for the nationwide,from Jiangsu Meteorological Bureau、Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Association、Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences、Hosted by the Chinese Meteorological Society,Jiangsu Meteorological Society、Nanjing Meteorological Technology Innovation Bet365 lotto reviewResearch Institute、Yangzhou Meteorological Bureau、Yangzhou Science and Technology Association hosted,The entire forum reports a total of more than 60 games,More than 100 signs of communication,Many universities in the industry、Scientific Research Institute、Nearly 300 people and scholars of business units and related business experts participated。