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> Zhu Kongju: Establish an automatic meteorological station at the end of the "End of the World" 丨 Cover Character

Engineer of China Institute of Meteorological Sciences Zhu Kongju


      Engineer of China Institute of Meteorological Sciences,Quality control engaged in polar atmospheric composition data,Polar real -time data compression transmission、Data visualization and other work,Get3 software copyrights。Multi -time on -site observation experiments to the plateau and polar ground,Participate in the 36th Antarctic Science Inspection of China in 2019,Responsible for the observation of the atmospheric composition observation of Zhongshan Station in Antarctica,Live 563 days。Participate in the peak mission Mount Everest Scientific Examination,Establish a meteorological station。

      In addition to space, the end of the scientific research is Antarctic.

      As one of the few meteorological research players,Zhu Kongju participated in two Antarctic scientific examinations,One Mount Everest Scientific Examination。April 10, 2024,With the Snow Dragon on the shore,Zhu Kongju, who participated in the 40th Antarctic scientific investigation of China, returned to the motherland。plus the 36th Antarctic Science Inspection of China I participated in 2019,Zhu Kongju works for more than 700 days in Antarctica。

      April 20,Zhu Kongju accepted an interview with the cover reporter。This time,He worked in Antarctic for more than 5 months,Bet365 sportsbook reviewand his other 3 teammates,I will continue to work in Antarctica。After completing the two Antarctic inland inspection tasks of "Observation and Simulation Research on the Interaction and Simulation of the Southern Polar Ice Vitality" and "Antarctic Inland Atmospheric Environment Observation Technology Test",Zhu Kongju returns to China with the "Snow Dragon"。

 Snow Dragon player group photo (Zhu Kongju,From the third person from the right from the front row) Participate in the No. 136 times Antarctic Science Examination


 Snow Dragon's departure


      End of the world

      November 1, 2023,With the Chinese polar inspection boat, the snowon Sherong departs from the Shanghai Polar Wharf,China's 40th Antarctic Scientific Examination officially starts。

       This time, the meteorological department hasFour members participated in the scientific examination.Except for the observation task of the completion of the conventional meteorological observation business station in the Antarctic region,Also released through the release of empty or drones、Set automatic meteorological station、Install an unmanned value environment observation system, etc. to obtain polar boundary atmosphere vertical structure、Observation materials such as Antarctic Oxygen Cave and greenhouse gas,To better study polar ice-A qi interaction and its response and impact mechanism for global climate change,Especially the longitudinal section observation information from Zhongshan Station to the inland Kunlun Station of Antarctica,This is of great significance for improving weather prediction accuracy in the Antarctic region。

       "This time the Antarctic Inland Inspection was declared in the form of scientific research projects,After screening through the project through the polar center,Only confirmed that there was an inland inspection。”Zhu Kongju told the cover news."Considering that this project is a job we have been doing before,and the degree of familiarity with the polar environment。I am as a pre -selected team,Another colleague participated as an alternative。”

Antarctic inland examination team inDepart fromland on December 16, 2023,Return to Zhongshan Station on February 15, 2024,62 days living in inland,Complete the departure base of Zhongshan Station、Taishan Station、Meteorological Research on the region of Kunlun Station and Ice Dome A。

      Selected into the Antarctic Examination Team

      Psychological test

      bet365 best casino gamesZhu Kongju has always been engaged in the Gendeon Atmospheric ingredient data Quality Control,Polar real -time data compression transmission、Data visualization and other work。

      2019,He participated in the 36th Antarctic Science Inspection of China in China,Responsible for the observation of the atmospheric composition observation of Zhongshan Station in Antarctica,Live 563 days。

      Every time the Antarctic inspection time is not short,and limited medical conditions on the spot,So good health is the first place。"This time I participated in the inspection of the Kunlun Station of the Antarctic inland,Strict requirements on the health of the body,In addition to passing a comprehensive physical examination,There will also be psychological test,and plateau adaptability test,No serious altitude altitude reaction, etc.。Because I usually like to run climbing,So the physical condition is pretty good,Just pay more attention to diet a month in advance。”

      Antarctic Science Examination

      Half of the time is in the snow car

       Zhu Kongju jokingly said,Half of the Antarctic Inland Investigation is in Kaishi Cars。Team members have to complete the daily observation task in addition to rushing every day。

       As a member of the Meteorological Science Examination,Everyone needs to complete the point measurement when you camp every day,Including setting up a portable weather station,Put the air balloon,Flying UAV test vertical profile,Measure the reflectance of snow surface、Collecting atmospheric samples and other jobs。In addition,There are many public activities,For example, moving supplies,Maintenance vehicle, etc.,"Calculating, 7-8 hours a day."

Depart from the Antarctic inland

       It is difficult to work in the wild under the condition of extreme cold,Especially when encountering strong winds,If you don't wear gloves, you can easily frostbite。If you encounter vehicle problems or emergencies on the road,Daily camp time is very late,The observation task may be in the early morning3, 4, and continue to hurry at 8 o'clock the next day.

All scientific research materials are tied on the sleigh to follow the team to pull away。"Several people need to help each time you move out,After the observation, put it on the sled and bind it。”

      Antarctic food

      cabbage, potatoes, carrots...

      How about the food of the Antarctic scientific exam players? How to eat in the snow and snow?,On the way,Team members Bet365 lotto revieweat heating aviation meals in the morning and evening,Eat self -heating rice at noon or some convenient foods。When arriving at Kunlun Station and Taishan Station,You can enjoy the food cooked by the chef。

      "The food prepared by scientific examination is relatively rich,There are various meat foods,Storage conditions are subject to storage,Most vegetables are frozen,Fresh fruits and vegetables are mainly relatively not afraid of cold,Save。For example: cabbage、Tudou、radish、Carrots、Apple、Pear、Citrus, etc.。”

      One and a half hours

      Set a ultra -low temperature automatic air station

      This Antarctic Science Examination,Zhu Kongju's task is the study and simulation research of the interaction of the Southeast Polar Ice gas interaction and simulation research and the Antarctic inland atmospheric environment observation technology test。

Zhu Kongju and Meteorological Station

      Observation and simulation research based on the interaction of ice qi interaction in the east, as an example,Mainly through this inspection,inPanda section (an important channel for studying the science of Antarctic ice cover,It connects the Antarctic Plitz Bay-Emmer Ice Shelter-Ice Dome) and an ultra-low temperature automatic meteorological station in the surrounding areas,Scope of observation of automatic meteorological observation,Then enhance the current network network monitoring ability。At the same time,Using drones and empty balloons to measure the atmospheric vertical lines around the meteorological station along the way,Further evaluate the parameterization scheme related to physical parameters、Optimization and improvement,Finally give the Antarctic ice cover coast、Inland、Ice Dome and other different climate background areas Ice-qi interaction optimal simulation scheme。

      In Antarctica Examination,Chinese scientific research team members successively set up a number of automatic meteorological stations on the Antarctic ice cover。"Our ultra -low -temperature meteorological station is designed specifically to deal with the polar environment,Light weight、Simple installation、Convenient maintenance、Reliability is stronger。"Zhu Kongju told the cover news,He has pre -installed this meteorological station at the domestic training in advance,2 people take about 4-5 hours to install it。"It happened to be on the way to the road,Bet365 lotto reviewAll inland teammates come over after parking for help,It took less than an hour and a half from the beginning of the snow pit to the installation.。”

In the Antarctic Stepshoppanda800 Meteorological Station



Cover News: Pass the scientific examination,What's the discovery? What are the changes in the Antarctic ice cover?

Zhu Kongju:Because we have always been on the ice cap,It feels not obvious about the changes in the ice cover,The most intuitive feeling is that the snow surface has been rising。The height that was erected a few years ago4 meters of meteorological station is now mostly buried halfway。Under the organization of the China Meteorological Bureau,Display of the "Polar Climate Change Annual Report" by the Global Change of the Institute of Meteorological Sciences and the Polar Research Institute,,2023 Antarctic Sea Ice range is extremely low throughout the year,Statistics display,The range of sea ice from January to February and May-October from January to February and May of 2023 is the lowest record of this month in 45 years。We are now on the way from Zhongshan Station to Kunlun Station.,No animals and plants。                        

Cover News: What is the communication situation in the Antarctic area,How to pass the observation data back to China?

Zhu Kongju:We have no base station,All communication depends on satellites,Satellite sending data is limited and expensive。Meteorological data is also transmitted back to China through satellites,After the data is passed back,Global changes in the China Institute of Meteorological Sciences of China and the Data Analysis Team specially controlled by the Institute of Research in the Institute of Poor Research、Analysis and model operation。

PuttingGPS empty balloon


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