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    Time 2024-06-14
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> Deeply cultivated more Best slot on Bet365than ten years,The Lightning Team revealed the mystery of the "Little Waist" lightning strike

        The thunderstorm process in the south in mid -to -late April has repeatedly attracted public attention。April 20,"Xiao Man's waist" Guangzhou Tower frequently flashed a video,Playing volume on Weibu on Weather in Guangdong 2 million+,A set of new playback records,Related topics rushed to the Weibo hot search list,Reprinted by the media。

The Guangzhou Tower Link Video

        Are you curious how these unpredictable lightning is accurately captured? This is due to the LCI (Lightning Channel optical observation system) — LCI,It realizes the fully automatic observation of lightning events and real -time push of information。This seems to be behind the automatic observation of the idle court,Augmented the scientific research results of the Thunderbolt research team for more than ten years。

Observe the LCI series products in various places

        Since 2009,The Academy of Vitamin and the Guangzhou Institute of Tropical Bet365 lotto reviewMarine Meteorological,Established a Guangzhou high -rise building lightning observation station,LCI、High -speed camera (frame rate from 1,000 frames/second to more than 500,000 frames/second)、Electromagnetic field antenna、Thunder current measurement system and other advanced detection equipment,aiming "Xiaoman waist"、Dongta、West Tower and other ultra -high buildings,Continuous light of lightning、Electric、Magnetic Comprehensive Observation Test,A unique urban ultra -high building group group thunder power discharge process multi -parameter synchronous observation data set,A number of scientific research results in GRL、jgr、AR and other well -known journals published,Get high attention from colleagues at home and abroad。

        "Xiaoman waist" with its 600 -meter Zhuo Ran's height attracts dozens of lightning each year (such as 44 times in 2023),I was hit more than 10 times in less than an hour when dense,far higher Best slot on Bet365than surrounding buildings。April 20th was hit six times in a short time,Not a rare phenomenon。

Fighting the "Little Barbarous Waist" Lightning Synthetic screen in one hour

         What is the reason why it is frequently attacked? research shows,"Xiao Man's waist" with high and sharp shapes on the enhancement effect on the atmospheric electric field is very significant,Easy to stimulate electricity。For the most common in nature from the cloud、Discharge to the ground (flashing ground),"Xiao Man's waist" will produce a long way to meet the upward pilot of the downward discharge channel,Its length can even exceed 1 kilometer,Therefore, you can attract a lot of nearby downlink land to yourself。

The top of the "small waist" in the downlink flashes extended the upward pilot (slow release)

        Another,The lightning process within tens of kilometers around the surrounding area will still stimulate the lightning on the "small waist"。For many years of continuous observation,,Most of the Bet365 lotto reviewlightning that occurred on the "small waist" is up to the uplink lightning。

"Little Waist" uplink lightning (Slow Play)

        The above factors make the density of lightning in the region of the radius of 1 km near the "small waist" decreased significantly,It can be said that "small waist" is a veritable South China first lightning needle (lightning needle)。

After 16 years,More than 16 years。High buildings Lightning Electric Foreign Science Observation Test still on the road,With more refined observation and deeper research,More mysteries will continue to be revealed ...

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