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> National Key R & D Plan "Research on the Research Mechanism of the Eastern and Grand Cities' atmospheric Boundaries and Pollution Process Research" project launch and implementation plan demonstration meeting will be held in Beijing

      March 21,"Fourteen Five -Year Plan" national key research and development bet365 best casino gamesplan "Atmosphere and soil、Comprehensive Governance of groundwater pollution "Key special project" Research on the Research Mechanism of the Eastern Complex Flane and the Greater Cities' Atmospheric Boundary Layers and Pollution Process "project"。This launch will be held in a combination of "offline+online"。The Ecological Environment Office of the 21st Century Agenda Management Center、Leadership of the China Meteorological Administration Science and Technology and Climate Change Department and the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences、Project responsible experts and consulting experts,and members of the project team more than 70 people attended the meeting。

      The opening ceremony of the meeting was chaired by the project chief scientist China Institute of Meteorological Sciences。Director Wang Lei, the Ecological Environment Office of the 21st Century Agenda Management Center in China, gives online speech,He pointed out that the project team should be based on the early research work,The respective advantages of the participating units in overall plan,Connection and collaboration between strengthening subject tasks,Focusing on the key technical difficulties in the coordinated control of PM2.5 and O3 composite bet365 best casino gamespollution in the eastern region of my country, do a good job of project implementation。China Meteorological Administration's Science and Technology and Climate Change Director Zang Haijia emphasized,The project team needs to pay attention to the linkage between subjects,Reinforcement project transformation and regional collaboration,Apply the expected research results to the practice of regional pollution prevention。Vice President Gao Yun of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences said,China Institute of Meteorological Sciences will make every effort to ensure the project's guarantee,Do a good job of various services for the project team,Make a smooth implementation of good projects。

      The implementation of the implementation plan is chaired by Academician He Kebin, the leader of the consulting expert group。Researcher Che Huizheng, chief scientist of the project from the project research content、Organization management、Technical route、Progress arrangement、Organization management、Main features and expected benefits,Introduce the overall implementation plan of the project。The heads of the five topics made a detailed report on the implementation plan of each project.。Project responsible experts and Bet365 Online Live Dealerconsulting experts expressed affirmation of the overall design of the project,and for key technical indicators、Refining the implementation plan, etc., put forward specific guidance opinions,I hope that the project team will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of members,Reinforcement collaboration,New technologies for measuring the vertical line and exchange section measurement in air pollutants、Near adaptive mixed layer and near -ground turbulence volume parameterization new scheme、Boundary of the Boundary of Complex terrain and Grand Cities-Pollution Vertical Coupling Mechanism New understanding and other aspects to achieve breakthrough progress。

       After the demonstration link is over,Each topic according to the opinions and suggestions made by the expert group,Implementation plan for improving the project/topic、Optimized project management method, etc.,Further clarifying and implementing the specific division of labor and responsibility of various topics。

      The participating unit of this project includes Peking University、Nanjing University、Nanjing Information Engineering University、East China Normal University、Zhejiang University、Shandong University、Numerous Forecast Bet365 Online Live DealerCenter of Earth System China Meteorological Bureau、Harbin University of Technology (Shenzhen)、Hangzhou Meteorological Bureau and other scientific research institutes、Universities and business units。The project team strives to go through three years of joint research,Solve the scientific problems and technical problems of the influence mechanism of the influence mechanism of the influence mechanism of the general cities and the typical regional border layer and the free atmospheric material exchange process,The prevention and control of air pollution for the environmental protection department、The formulation and implementation of heavy pollution weather emergency response policies and measures provides decision support。

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