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> "NPJ CAS" ∣ my country's ground visibility, space -time seamless real -time Bet365 Online Live Dealercounter -real -time anti -discovery framework

      Recent,"Nature" magazine publishing house "NPJ Climate and Atmospheric Science "online published the Institute of Atmospheric Component and Environmental Meteorological Research (Carbon Neutrality and Evaluation and Evaluation Center) of the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences、Che Huizheng and other "Draw a real -time anti -inventory framework based on stacking integrated machine learning models based on stacking integrated machine learning models,This result provides a new solution for my country's ground visibility intelligent grid live monitoring。

Thesis link:https://www.nature.com/articles/s41612-024-00617-1

      Flat visibility is a key indicator that reflects the transparency of the atmospheric,Widely used in the fields of environmental monitoring and transportation meteorology。But high resolution、High precision、Lack of visibility data of grid -based ground,Especially at the sparse and blank area at the monitoring site,Seriously restricted the demand for national refined weather protection service。

      bet365 best casino gamesResearch teams have complicated problems on the impact mechanism of visibility,Put forward a real-time anti-discovery framework (RT-SVR; Figure 1)。This framework combines the CLDAS-V2.0 polygon live meteorological field and environmental meteorological big data developed by the China Meteorological Administration's high density ground visibility observation data and the National Meteorological Information Center,Modeling through intelligent fusion,It has achieved 24 hours all -weather、High time and space resolution (6.25 KM/How) my country's ground visibility real -time precise monitoring。

Figure 1  RT-SVR real-time anti-discrimination framework construction technical flow chart.

       Pixial visibility data can be a typical low -energy visibility weather phenomenon in my country's region (fog、Haze, sandstorm, etc.) Perform refined monitoring (Figure 2)。Considering that there is a strong physical connection between visibility and air -soluble glue,This data is expected to be 24 hours a day in the Bet365 Online Live Dealerfuture、The relevant characteristic parameters related to air -soluble gels covered by space (such as near the ground PM2.5、PM10 concentration、Qi -soluble glue light thickness thickness, etc.) Provide key intermediate variables。

Figure 2  High time and space resolution grid visibility products can be used for fog、Haze、Sandstorm and other low visibility weather phenomena in real -time monitoring。

      It is worth mentioning is,Participating works with this innovation result as the main content,I also won the second prize of the first youth AI Meteorological Application Creative Works of the China Meteorological Service Association.。

      The first author of this achievement is Zhang Xutao, a graduate student of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences,His co -instructor Gui Ke and researcher Che Huizheng as a communication author,Other collaborators include Associate Researcher Li Lei at the Institute of Atmospheric Components and Environmental Meteorological Research Institute (Carbon Neutrality and Monitoring and Evaluation Center)Bet365 sportsbook review、Associate Researcher Zheng Yu、Associate Researcher Peng Yan、Researcher Wang Hong、Academician Zhang Xiaoli、Dr. Zeng Zhaoliang of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Meteorological Application、Researcher Wang Yaqiang、Fisher Senior Industry of the National Meteorological Information Center。This research is obtained by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (42175153)、China Meteorological Administration's "Unveiling List" project (CMAJBGS202325) and joint funding projects such as the Institute of Meteorological Science Research (2023Z021)。