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> "Nature-Communication" ∣ ∣ 气 气 The increase in the revenue and expenditure of the water vapor of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the past 40 years

      March 12, 2024,"Nature" subscription "NatureCommunications" online published the Bet365 lotto reviewInstitute of Atmospheric Components and Environmental Meteorological Research (Carbon Neutrality and Evaluation Center) of the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences、Leiyong、Che Huizheng and other research results of "Qi -soluble glue forced adjustment in recent decades in the summer of Qinghai -Tibet Plateau water vapor revenue and expenditure",This result provides a new scientific perspective for understanding the revenue and expenditure of water vapor and water circulation in the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau。

Thesis link:https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-024-46635-8 

      Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and its surrounding high mountain areas stored a large amount of water resources,Is the birthplace of many important rivers in Asia,Known as the "Asian Water Tower"。The changes in the water resources of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau will seriously affect the natural ecosystem and socioeconomic development of the plateau and its neighboring countries。In the background of global warming,In the past few decades, the water vapor receiving and expenses of Qinghai -Tibet Plateau in the past few decades show a significant increase in the trend,Therefore, an important impact on Bet365 Online Live Dealerthe circulation of plateau water。but,The reason for the increase in the increasing increasing revenue and expenditure of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau in the scientific community has always been controversial。

      The research team first used the Era5 atmosphere to analyze the data from 1979-2014 Qinghai-Tibet Plateau's water purification vapor and its four boundary water vapor traffic trends,Discovers the reduction of water vapor output on the east boundary of the plateau (6 × 106 KG S-1 DECADE-1) dominated the increase in the income of the pavilion water purification vapor (4.7 × 106 KG S-1 Decade-1; Figure 1).

Figure 1 1979-2014 Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (A) Precipitation reduction (shadow,Unit: mm MNTH-1DECADE-1) and water vapor volume (vector,Unit: KG M-1 s-1 DECADE-1) linear trend distribution; (B) 4 boundary water vapor volume (unit: 106 KG S-1) The time series and linear fit for changes。Figure B Numbers indicate the linear trend of water vapor volume of each boundary (unit: 106 KG S-1Decade 1).

      Research team subsequently uses the collection simulation data of 11 global climate models in the sixth international coupling mode comparison bet365 best casino gamesplan (CMIP6),Quantitative greenhouse gas (GHG)、Qi dissolved gel (AER)、Natural Compulsion (NAT) and internal climate variables (PI) on the trend of water vapor traffic trends of the east border of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in 1979-2014。Multi -mode set results indicate,Qi -soluble gel forced dominating the reduction of water vapor output on the east border of the summer of the summer of the summer,and the greenhouse gases and nature have forced the opposite (Figure 2)。

Figure 2 11 Global Climate Models Jacking Simulation Data based on CMIP6 1979-2014 Summer Qinghai-Tibet Plateau East Boundary Water Bargaining Trend (Unit: 106 KG S-1Decade-1) attribution。All is a comprehensive forced climate simulation for history。

      Further mechanism analysis indicates,Europeans are the reduction of air -soluble emissions and the increase in air -soluble emissions for the Eastern Human solution emissions.,As a result, the output of water vapor output of the east border of the plateau is significantly reduced,Finally dominated the age increase of the revenue and expenditure of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau's water purification vapor (Figure 3)。

Figure 3 Gas -soluble gel forced driving the schematic diagram of the increasing increase of the summer water vapor revenue and expenditure of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau。

      Bet365 Online Live DealerThis result is Wang Zhili, the Bet365 lotto reviewInstitute of Atmospheric Ingredients and Environmental Meteorological Research Institute of the Institute of Meteorological Sciences (Carbon Neutral Monitoring and Evaluation Center)、Leiyong、Che Huizheng and Zhang Xiaoli and Wu Bo, the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences together。This research is a special project of the National Natural Science Foundation (42341202)、Outstanding Youth Fund (41825011) and the China Meteorological Administration's key innovation team project "Earth System Observation and Chemical Weather System" and other joint funding。