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> The Report on the "Professional Regional Model Improvement and Inspection and Evaluation" Report of the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences was awarded 2023 Numerous Forecast Excellent Technology Report

The Report of the "Professional Regional Model Improvement and Inspection and Evaluation" Report on the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences was evaluated2023 Numerous Forecast Excellent Technical Report


According to the "Numerous Forecast Business DevelopmentImplementation Plan for 2023 (Qi Pre -letter [2023] No. 19) deployment requirements,The Academy of Vitamin actively participates in the implementation and coordinated research and development of the key tasks of numerical forecasts,Wang Hong, Our hospital、Zhou Chunhong、Liu Hongli、Yin Jinfang、Chen Haoming successfully completed the annual task,"Professional Regional Model Improvement and Inspection and Evaluation" report was selected by the 2023 annual numerical forecast technology report Best slot on Bet365organized by the Forecast Department.。

The first realization of itChemistry-The weather full coupling mechanism,Established a chemical-full coupling chemical weather value forecast system。Completion of the improvement and update of the wind erosion database and the development and application of adaptability to the sand mechanism,significantly improved the forecast effect of the CMA-CUACE/Dust mode system。Complete the fog-Hasm value forecast systemCMA-CUACE/HAZE-FOG business model update improvement,The description of the process of enhancing the process of influencing the optical chemical reaction rate through the radiation process。Carry out mode test evaluation algorithm research and development,​​Continue to improve the regional high resolution numerical forecast testing system。Parameterization methods that use multiple parameterized methods Best slot on Bet365for the cloud micro physical process,Effectively improves numerical mode performance and calculation stability,Provided important support for business forecasting。

Future,The Academy of Vitamin will continue to do a good job of organizing and implementing the key tasks of numerical forecasting various tasks,In -depth implementation of the active interactive work mechanism of numerical forecast business,Actively promote the research and development and business application of professional numerical forecast models。

Chemistry-The weather full coupling numerical forecast mode system CMA_MESO5.1/Cuace CW V1 framework

After improvedCMA-CUACE/Dust modeThe TS score in the spring of 2023 is significantly higher than the current business version and the Korean model

UpdatedCMA-CUACE/HAZE-FOGmodeForecast effects have improved significantly, the national average simulationO3The correlation with the actual situation reaches0.7

Bet365 Online Live DealerSuper Cloud Micro physical parameterization scheme simulationNorth China“23·7Extreme precipitation processJuly 29, 202308Time (Beijing)toAugust 208timeCumulative precipitation space distributionA) Observation, (b) Simulation

Regional high -resolution numerical forecasting and evaluation business system framework

Significant test diagram of comprehensive inspection and schedule of strong precipitation characteristics