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    Time 2024-06-14
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> Welcome to rely on the China Institute of Meteorological Sciences to declare overseas Youth Projects

To further improve the funding fund funding system of the Science Fund,Give full play to the function of the introduction and Bet365 Online Live Dealercultivation of talents in the science fund,attracting outstanding overseas young talents to return to China (come to China) work,The National Natural Science Foundation of China2024Continue to implement the National Natural Science Foundation Excellent Youth Science Fund project (overseas)。Welcome to the majority of overseas young scholars to rely on the China Institute of Meteorological Sciences to declare overseas Youth Projects,If you are interested, please contact the Science and Technology Department of the Academy of Vitality。

Relevant matters notification is as follows:

1. Project positioning

Excellent Youth Science Foundation Project (overseas) aims to attract and encourage in natural science、Engineering technology and other aspects of overseas outstanding young scholars (including non -Chinese foreign talents) returned to work (coming to China) to work,Independent selection research direction to carry out innovative research,Promote the rapid growth of young scientific and technological talents,Cultivate a group of outstanding academic backbones that are expected to enter the forefront of the world technology,Contributions to the construction of a scientific and technological power。

bet365 best casino games2. Funding mode

1. Funding intensity:100-30010,000 yuan.

2. Funding period:3year.

3, the applicant's condition

1. Applicants of the Excellent Youth Science Fund project (overseas) shall have the following conditions:

1) Comply with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China,Has a good scientific morality,Consciously practicing the spirit of scientists in the new era;

2) The date of birth is at1984year1month1Day (inclusive);

3) Have a doctorate degree;

4) The research direction is mainly natural science, engineering technology, etc.;

5) After obtaining a doctorate degree, to2024year4month15A few days ago,Generally in overseas universities、Scientific research institutions、Enterprise R & D institutions have obtained formal teaching or scientific research positions,and have continuous36Work experience for more than a month; obtaining a doctorate degree overseas and particularly outstanding performance,It can be appropriately relaxed to the working life requirements;

6) Get the results of scientific research or technology recognized by colleagues,And has the development potential of becoming an academic leader or outstanding talent in this field;

7) The applicant has not returned to work in full -time (come to China) to work, or2023year1month1Return to work (come to China) to work after the day。After receiving the notice of funding, he must resign from overseas work and return to China with a full -time work (come to China) to work at no less3year.

2. Limited item requirements

The requirements of the relevant departments of the central government on the joint plan of the national science and technology talent plan。The national science and technology talent program at the same level can only bear one item,Unable to apply on the level。

Four, declaration instructions

1. Eligible applicants,can be according to the requirements of the project guide,Sign a work contract or intentional agreement with the dependent unit,Yu2024year2month1Log in to the information system after the day,Fill in the "Application for the National Natural Science Foundation Excellent Youth Science Fund Project (Overseas) Application Form" (hereinafter referred to as the application form)。The applicant is responsible for the authenticity of the submitted application materials。

2. The applicant shall fill in the application form in the simplified Chinese or English in accordance with the requirements of the application for the instructions and writing outlines.,uploaded materials and other materials。

Best slot on Bet3653. Excellent Youth Science Fund Project (Overseas) Implementation method of paperless application,Applicants submit an electronic application form and attachment online、Materials such as fair commitment letter to the dependent unit,Submit the Natural Science Foundation of Natural Sciences online after reviewing by the relying unit。

4. The deadline2024year4month15Day

Specific requirements can view the original text of the Fund Committee:


Contact: Teacher Wang

Contact number:010-58995887; fangw@cma.gov.cn