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> The Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Meteorological Research Institute publicly recruited the supplementary announcement of graduates and post -doctoral graduates and post -doctoral supplementary announcements

       a,Introduction to the unit

Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Meteorological Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Plateau Institute) Yu2022year9Month was established by the China Meteorological Administration,Is China Meteorological Bureau、Sichuan Provincial People's Government、National scientific research institutions co -built by the People's Government of Chengdu,from the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Academy of Vehicle Sciences)、Sichuan Meteorological Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Sichuan Provincial Bureau)、Chengdu Information Engineering University (hereinafter referred to as Chengxin Da)、The Meteorological Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region and other units jointly organized。Placement of Plateau Hospital based Bet365 Online Live Dealeron the positioning of national strategic technology forces,Facing the frontiers of international meteorological technology、National Meteorological Disaster Prevention and Mitigation、The three major needs of the construction of climate change and ecological civilization,Focus on solving the key science and core technology issues faced by the high -quality development of my country's meteorological cause and core technology,Disaster prevention and reduction in the country in the plateau and its surrounding areas、Copy climate change、Ecological protection repair、Stable edge、Meteorological support for major engineering construction provides strategic technology support。

The Plateau Institute is jointly composed of the China Institute of Meteorological Research (hereinafter referred to as the Plateau Institute) and the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences of China Meteorological Sciences。Among them, the Chengdu Plateau Meteorological Research Institute of China Meteorological Administration is2002The Ministry of Science and Technology of the National Science and Technology of the Year、Ministry of Finance、The non -profit national public welfare scientific research institution approved by the China Edge Office。Plateau Hard Hard House around the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and the surrounding regions of key technologies and major weather guarantee needs,Lead Organization Cultivation of key science and technical problems,Carry out the comprehensive observation system construction technology of high -circle meteorological multi -circle layers、Plateau meteorological multi -circle interaction process and numerical mode key technology、The mechanism and forecast theory of the high climate of the plateau weather、Plateau climate change and ecological environment assessment and "double carbon" target support technology、Research and Development of Key Technology of Meteorological Forecasting Bet365 sportsbook reviewEarly Warning in the Southwest Regional Regional。Unite provinces around the plateau (district、City) Meteorological Bureau and related universities and research institutes carried out altitude meteorological research,Coordinating the deployment of major scientific and technological tasks and laboratory、Construction of scientific and technological innovation platforms such as field science test bases,Strengthening the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and business applications,Provide meteorological technology support for the high -quality development of the region。

    two,Recruitment positions and qualification conditions

(1) Recruitment post: Plateau meteorological research position

(2) Qualification conditions:

1.The nationality of the People's Republic of China;

2.Compliance with the law,Pin Rounding,Love meteorological business,willing to fulfill the obligations of public institutions;

3.Doctoral degree in doctoral degree with a major with meteorological or weather -related majors。Professional in accordance with the Personnel Department of the China Meteorological Bureau "Meteorological Department Recruitment Professional Catalog (2021Year Edition) "(Annex) Determination。Overseas studying abroad should obtain a foreign (overseas) degree certification issued by the State Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education。If the discipline is not in the professional catalog of the meteorological department,But applicants who are similar to the disciplines required by the post,You can actively contact the recruitment unit to confirm the registration qualification。

4.Body Health,Combining the common standard for medical examination for the current civil servant。

(3) Candidates have the following situations to not register:

1.The monk who is being reviewed by the suspected disciplinary and illegal is not lifted the party discipline、Personnel of government affairs。

2.It is identified as a person who has serious Bet365 Online Live Dealerviolations of regulations and disciplines in the recruitment test of civil servants and public institutions.。

3.Non -fresh graduates in ordinary universities.

4.Active soldiers.

5.On -the -job civil servant、Refer to the staff of the civil servant law management staff、Formal staff members of the public institution。

6.Persons who constitute a avoidance after employment。There is a relationship with the person in charge of the employer、Direct blood relationship、Candidates who are blood -relatives or near -marriage relationships within the third generation,No personnel shall be hired by the unit、Finance、Disciplinary inspection and supervision position,and positions with direct leadership relationship with the responsible persons of the unit。

7.Personnel who have participated in the basic pension insurance of employees during the career selection period.

     3, registration and interview

1.Receive resume time:2023year6month17Day to2023year6month29Day

2.Application of online registration,Please send your resume (including valid mobile phone number、E -mail、ID number、Covering the official seal of the Graduate Academic Affairs Office of the Graduate Academic Affairs Office) and related certification materials、Attachment of performance results toRenshi_itpm@163.com

3.Qualification review。The employer is responsible for reviewing the qualifications of the applicants。

4.Interview. The specific matters will be notified separately by the Plateau Hospital.

     Four, physical examination, inspection

Determine the medical examination according to the requirements of the post and interview results、Examination object。

1.Physical examination standards refer to "Civil servantsPick -up medical examination general standard(Trial)"execution. The cost of physical examination is self -care.

2.Investigation section Key inspections of ideological and political performance、Moral Quality、Comprehensive Quality、Academic results、Performance in school,and review its qualification conditions。

Bet365 sportsbook reviewFive, publicity, signing employment agreement

Physical examination、Examination Qualification,Determine the list of people to be hired。List of personnel to be hired on Meteorological Talent Recruitment Website (http://zp.cmatec.cn)Public announcement, the publicity period is7working days.

No objection to the public announcement,Sign the "Employment Agreement。If fresh graduates or postdoctoral post -doctoral fails to sign an employment agreement and obtain dispatch qualifications within the prescribed time,It is deemed to abandon hire。

6. Hire

Apply for employment procedures in accordance with the prescribed procedures and permissions,The list of personnel to be hired is reported to the superior authority for the record,Hired as a person in the meteorological department of Sichuan Province。Work location: Tianfu New District, Chengdu。

When registering, you must have a graduation certificate and degree certificate at the same time。Public recruiters implement the trial period system in accordance with relevant regulations。The expiration of the trial period is qualified,Formally hired; if the assessment is unqualified,Lift the hire contract。

7. Contact information

​​Teacher Tang:028-67897928

Teacher Yu:010-58994441

Meteorological department personnel recruits professional catalog 2021