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    Time 2024-06-14
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Bet365 lotto review> The Secretariat of the Chinese Meteorological Society selected the hiring discipline edit post recruitment announcement

The Secretariat of the Chinese Meteorological Society According to business work needs and the development needs of its own team,Editors of the Journal Discipline of the Discipline of the Documents of the Documents of the Meteorological Department in the Meteorological Department,Specific arrangements are as follows:

1. Recruitment positions and basic conditions

Job name:Discipline Edit

Work content: undertake the Journal of Meteorological、Edit publishing work in the English version,Delivery process management,Putting out journal topic planning,Group Appointment Excellent Manuscript,Assist in holding meetings,Participate in the construction of the journal technology platform、Journal project funding applications、Article Multimedia Propaganda and Promotion。

Scope of Selection: The Internal Meteorological Department is working in the editor.

Best slot on Bet365Basic conditions: A degree or above with a master's degree or above,Has high -level titles; the editing work experience of meteorological or related discipline science and technology journals5years or more; generally do not exceed40Basin, particularly excellent ones can be relaxed appropriately.

2. Disciplinary editing post requirements

1. Familiar meteorological/The focus of scientific research and business work composition and development in the field of atmospheric science,There are meteorological research experiences,Research papers in meteorological journals,or Hosted related research topics/Project;

2. Can read English science and technology literature proficiently,With good English written (and oral) expression ability,There is overseas learning/Personal experience of work experience;

3. Fixed text skills,Wind style and rigor,Can strictly abide by the editing work specifications and time limit requirements,bet365 best casino gamesEdit efficiently、Processing and school pairing tasks,and can conduct effective communication with the author and typoon;

4. With the ability of literature retrieval and academic information comprehensive analysis ability,Have higher topic planning capabilities,Familiar with editing office software and professional graphic software,Familiar with new media to enhance publishing related technologies and applications;

5. Interests and smell of knowledge of the forefront of meteorological disciplines and development trends,Can establish contact with authoritative scholars and experts and conduct effective group drafts;

6. Perform the job responsibilities and tasks,Responsibility heart strong,With teamwork spirit。Love Gang dedication,physical and mental health。

3, the hire period and treatment

The recipient must work at the Secretariat of the Chinese Meteorological Society for full -time,Persons with equal positions and working years of the Chinese Meteorological Society of Meteorological Society。& emsp; & emsp;

Bet365 lotto review4. Registration method

Candidates send the application materials to the Secretariat of the Chinese Meteorological Society through emails(E-mailcms@cms1924.org), the name of the email is: Discipline Edit-Name.

Application materials include:

(1) Personal resume;

(2) Scanning parts such as degree certificates, award certificates, etc.;

(3) Other proof materials.

Five, time arrangement and contact information

(1) Registration time: from the announcement of the announcement to2023Year3month21Day

(2) Contact number: 010-68406718 010-58993476