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    Time 2024-06-14
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Party mass culture
> Visit the event before the festival to condolences to the veteran cadres

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year of the Lunar New Year,Our hospital conducts visits to condolences to party members of life、Old party member、Old cadre activities,Send the party committee of the hospital and the employees of the whole hospital for care Bet365 lotto reviewand love and festival blessing for veteran cadres。

During the visit,Vice Dean Gao Yun talks with the veteran cadres,Understand the physical condition of veteran cadres、Work and living conditions,Hush and ask warm pull home、Ultimate Development,Support experts to promote the high -quality development of weather with their own professional advantages,At the same time, ask them to take care of their bodies。The Office of the Party Committee (Personnel Office) and the retired party branch visited the retired cadre、Affairs bureau -level cadre、Member Bet365 lotto reviewof the Disease Sovereign、Diseases of the crowd, etc.。

According to the requirements of the superior,Office of the Party Committee (Personnel Office) early planning、Organize carefully,Put the Party Central Committee、The party group of the bureau's party group's care and care for veteran cadres is well implemented,The contact between the unit and the veteran cadre through visit and condolences,enhanced the sense of organization and happiness of veteran cadres。Old comrades thank you for your care and love,Explanation of resolutely supporting and supporting the leadership Bet365 lotto reviewof the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,Always go with the party、Listening to the party,Sensory Party,and wish the hospital developing better and better。

Affairs of the Party Committee Office (Personnel Office)