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    Time 2024-06-14
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> The 10th youth skipping competition of the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Bet365 sportsbook reviewSciences is successfully held

To continue the communication of the youth of the hospital,Rich cultural life,Improve fitness awareness,Enhanced team spirit,Show spiritual style,The Youth League Committee (Youth Federation)、The Office of the Party Committee (Personnel Office) and the Hospital Union have continuously launched the nine -year Bet365 sportsbook reviewyouth collective rope skipping competition,In the end of 2022, we continued to host "Healthy Life、Happy Work "The tenth youth collective rope skipping competition。

According to the special circumstances of the prevention and control of the epidemic,This event takes an online video competition method。A total of 8 teams formed by 12 units,Active response of youth in the hospital、Actively participate。Participants have inspired personal potential,Easy training、Fighting hard,The style and level of the competition。Final Disaster Weather National Key Laboratory team won the first prize,Bet365 lotto reviewOther teams have also achieved excellent results。

(Supply of the Youth League Committee)