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    Time 2024-06-14
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> The union of the academy grants a license for demonstration model workers and craftsman Bet365 Online Live Dealertalent innovation studios for the national agricultural forestry, forestry and water conservancy meteorological system

To implement the "Reform Plan for the Construction of Industrial Workers in the New Times",Vigorously promote the spirit of model workers、Labor Spirit、Craftsman's Spirit,Further stimulate the potential of labor models and craftsman talents in industrial development and technological innovation,Give full play to the role of talent innovation studio,1month16In the afternoon, the union of the Academy was in the Academy of Vitality513The conference room holds the national agricultural, forestry and water conservancy meteorological system demonstration "Model Model and Craftsman Talent Innovation Studio" licensed ceremony。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy、Chairman Li Hui, chairman of the union of the Academy of Trade Union, awarded a license for researcher Zhou Guangsheng, the person in charge of the "Ecological Meteorological bet365 best casino gamesInnovation Studio"。Part of the members of the union of the hospital and employees of the Agricultural Qi Institute participated in the award ceremony。

Comrade Li Hui expressed warm congratulations on behalf of the union of the Academy to Zhou Guangsheng and other studios。He said,"Ecological Meteorological Innovation Studio" is supported by the union of the college、The first innovation studio recommended and approved,I hope the Innovation Studio will take this as an opportunity,Focus on strengthening thought leaders,Constantly promote the spirit of model workers in the new era、Labor Spirit、Craftsman's Spirit,,Words and Education。At the same time,Focus on strengthening technology leaders,Driving professional talents in the field to continuously innovate the results,Promote the improvement of scientific research technology,Use actual actions to contribute to the high -quality development of the weather。Future,Institute of Trade Union bet365 best casino gameswill continue to build a model worker、The exchange learning and the "Passing Belt" platform,I hope that the Academy of Gyr who has created more innovative studios with demonstration and leadership。

Researcher Zhou Guangsheng on behalf of all members of the studio thanks to the union of the college,Thank you for your strong support for the union of the hospital,He said,"Ecological Meteorological Innovation Studio" is both an honor,It is also a kind of pressure,In the future, it will better carry forward the spirit of model workers、Craftsman's Spirit,For meteorological modernization service,Contribute to the high -quality development of meteorological。

"Ecological Meteorological Innovation Studio" is the core scientific question of the interaction of ecosystems and meteorological conditions,The protection and adaptation of the ecosystem in the context of climate change as the entry point,In ecological protection and repair of meteorological monitoring and evaluation and early warning technology、Agricultural production to adapt to the key technologies of climate change to obtain bet365 best casino gamessystemic innovation results,The business system hosted by the R & D has been uniformly deployed in the country,For the planning and construction of the Sichuan -Tibet Railway、Ecological protection and high -quality development of the Yellow River Basin provides important weather guarantee,Get significant social benefits,To support meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation、Make important contributions to the construction of climate change and ecological civilization。

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