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    Time 2024-06-14
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Party mass culture
> The Office of the Party Committee (Personnel Office) is the birthday of retired cadres

February 22, 2023,It is the 95th birthday of Ma Zhankai, a retired cadre of our hospital,Staff of the Party Committee Bet365 sportsbook reviewOffice (Personnel Office) staff with birthday cake、Symptoms to send birthday blessings for Ma Lao。

Ma Zhankai,Hebei Baoding Shunping People,Participate in revolutionary work in 1946,Leaving jobs in 1988,Enjoy retired benefits。Although Ma Lao is 95 years old,But the body is tough,Spirit 矍 铄。Staff put on a birthday ribbon for Ma Lao,Wear a birthday hat,When sending warm blessings,Ma Lao can't hide the inner excitement,Thanks to the Party Committee of the hospital、Care of the leaders of the hospital for old cadres,I am also bet365 best casino gamesvery satisfied with my current life。He said that the 20th National Congress of the Party held last year,It proposed the strategic goal of advancing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese -style modernization、Entrusted,As a decision to support and support the Party Central Committee as an old party member。

Love Old、Respect for the elderly、Filial Lao is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation,The Office of the Party Committee (Personnel Office) insists on the concept of service with the heart,From "Ideological Care、Bet365 lotto reviewPsychological care、Take care of life ",Let the old cadres really feel the warmth and care of the organization,Enjoy life in old age。

The Office of the Party Committee (Personnel Office) confession