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Party mass culture
> The Youth League Committee of the Academy of Vites organized the "loyalty to the party,Deduction of the first buckle "youth integrity education activity

To guide young cadres for education and guide young cadres to further observe the bottom line of discipline,Fastening Hychic and Heritage "The First Dunk",According to the party committee of the hospital21The relevant requirements of the party style and clean government propaganda education and education and the work deployment of the Youth League Committee,9month2Day,Bet365 lotto reviewYouth League members of the Academy of Vaca organized youth members to visit "Loyalty to the Party,Integrity and self -discipline,Fastening is honest and honest, from politics 'first buckle',Case exhibition with the theme of the Twenty Victory of the Party with excellent results "。Member of the Youth League Committee、Secretary of the branch branches and members of the regiment participation in this educational activity。

Understanding the guidance of the Youth League Committee,League members visited the "Young cadre buckle the first buckle", "the form of corruption around the masses", "the problem of style around the masses", "supervision exposure", "four wind comics" and "one -piece comic" and Bet365 sportsbook review"integrated advancement.、Can't rot、I don’t want to rot,General Secretary emphasized "six theme exhibition areas,"。Everyone revisited the General Secretary about the integration and dare not rot、Can't rot、The important explanation of not wanting to rot, and the general secretary of the general secretary's teachings for young cadres to deduct the "first buckle",Focus on the typical case of young cadres who have investigated and dealt with in recent years,Shocking one by one、Fresh cases of people with deep province,I gave a vivid and intuitive integrity education class for the young people of the members。

After the event is over,Everyone said,Keep the bet365 best casino gamesGeneral Secretary's instructions in mind,Fear of mind,Keep the bottom line,Strict self -slimming,Strict self -discipline,The "First Dunk" of the integrity of politics,Erotic、Strong State and My Essence,Welcome the 20th victory of the party!

Supply of the Youth League Committee