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    Time 2024-06-14
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> The Trade Union of the Academy of Vitality carried out condolences and model workers

Hold the 20th Victory of the Party,The Central and State Organs' Union Federation organized a visit to condolences to the national model workers。10month10Day,Li Hui, Chairman of the Trade Union of Best slot on Bet365the Academy of Vitality、Executive Vice Chairman Yuan Fengjie、Deputy Director of the Party Committee Office (Personnel Office) Zeng Qingguo and his party came to91The old -age national advanced science and technology worker Zhu Ruizhao's home,Vision and condolences Mr. Zhu。

Zhu Rui Zhao,Application Climateians,One of the pioneers and founders of application climate in my country,Long -term dedicated to solar energy、Study on wind energy resources,In new energy development and climate、Urban and climatic application climate fields have carried out in -depth and detailed Bet365 Online Live Dealeranalysis and pioneering research。Zhu Ruizhao was the director of the Climate Institute of Climate of the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences,The title of "National Advanced Workers in the Country in Science and Technology",Won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award once、Third prize and second time、Six times of ministerial bureau awards,Enjoy the government special allowance。

Chairman Li Hui carefully asked the living conditions and health of the old gentleman,I sincerely wish Mr. ZhuGood health and happy life. Zhu RuizhaoThank you very much for the organization for visiting and condolences,I express my heartfelt thanks for their concern to the hospital's union!

Conflicia of the Union of the Academy