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> The Academy of Vitamin held the party committee's theoretical learning center group to study (expand) meeting to study the 20th spirit of the party

11month9Day,The Party Committee of the Academy of Vites held a special study (enlarged) meeting of the theoretical learning center group,Special Learning of the 20th National Congress of the Party and the newly revised spirit of the Chinese Communist Party Constitution,Seriously settle in the internship General Secretary Jinping about comprehensive learning、Full grasp、Comprehensively implementing the important requirements of the 20th spirit of the party,Combined with the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's important instructions and the "Outline of Meteorological High -quality Development (2022-2035Years),Discussion of the Academy of Qi and Sciences to implement the 20th spirit of the party、Thinking and measures to provide strong scientific and technological support for the new era and new journey of the party in the new era。The meeting was secretary of the Party Bet365 lotto reviewCommittee of the Academy、Dean Duan Yihong hosted,Members of the leadership team of the college attended the meeting,The main person in charge of each unit、Secretary of the Party Branch、Secretary of the Party Committee and main person in charge of Nanjing Meteorological Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute、The young representative of the hospital attended the meeting。Deputy Secretary (Deputy Director) of the Party Committee (Inspection Office) directly under the China Meteorological Administration (Deputy Director) Zhang Junxia,Lai Min, a member of the Party Construction Office of the Party Leadership Group, attended the meeting。

Through in -depth learning,Further deepen the understanding of the major epoch -making significance of the party。The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party is the new journey of the people of all ethnic groups in the whole party to build a socialist modernization country in an all -round way、A very important conference held at a critical moment when the second century -old struggle goal marchs,It is our party after our party has gone through a century of struggle、The National Congress of the National Congress held at a new starting point in history,It has a milestone significance。The 20th Report of the PartyGrasp the trend of the times、Answer Time Questions、Copy changes in the times、Leading the development of the times,It is a political declaration and action program for compiling a new chapter in the new chapter of socialist modernization.The Chinese Communist Party Constitution(Amendment)",It reflects the theoretical innovation of the party since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China、Practical Innovation、System innovation results,For the comprehensive leadership of persistence and strengthening the party、firmly advancing the comprehensive and strict governance of the Bet365 Online Live Dealerparty、Persist in and improve the party's construction、It has made clear requirements to promote the party's self -revolution。

Conference emphasized,To learn and implement the 20th spirit of the party as the primary political task of the present and in the future。Learn, propagate and implement the 20th spirit of the party,We must adhere to the "five firm grasping" and "three comprehensive" important requirements proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping as follows,Study in full learning、Full grasp、Comprehensively implement the work and work,We must persist in comprehensive and accurate,In -depth understanding of connotation,Precise grasping extension。Deep understanding of the decisive significance of "two establishment",firmly grasping the theme of the conference is the soul of the conference,Is the general outline of the development of the party and the state,Persist in serving the country、The original mission of serving the people,Adhere to the high -quality development of meteorology、Accelerate the construction of a strong country without shaking,Make greater contributions to the completion of the new era and new journey of the party's central task。

Meeting requirements,To target the party’s 20 major major in the strategic deployment of scientific and technological innovation,To perform the mission mission of national strategic technology for practical action。First, we must adhere to the party's comprehensive leadership of scientific and technological work。It is necessary to deeply realize that the Academy of Vehicle Sciences is the national strategic technology force,The main force of meteorological technology innovation,Is a political organ,It is the first square of the implementation of the strategic deployment of the party and the national scientific and technological innovation。To be morefirm and conscious、More deeply inner and deeper and sincere supporting the "two establishment"Bet365 sportsbook review、Loyal practice "two maintenance",Integrate this job into the overall situation of the party and the country。

Second, we must think deeply about the responsibility of scientific and technological innovation on the new journey。The 20th major of the party has raised technological innovation to an unprecedented height,Opportunities for the Academy of Garma,but also put forward higher requirements。Implementation of the 20th spirit of the party must be implemented with the "Outline of Meteorological High -quality Development (2022-2035Years) "combined,Adhere to the "Four Files",Practice on improving the overall efficiency of the innovation system,Guided by national strategic needs,Give full play to the main force of scientific and technological innovation and the leading role of the "One Court and Eight Institute",Continuous optimization of scientific research layout,Strengthen the construction of the national key laboratory of the disaster weather。Getting efforts to accelerate the realization of high -level technology self -reliance,Gathering forces perform original leading technology,Actively plan a batch of globality、forward -looking、Strategic Scientific Research Project,Provide technology motivation for the high -quality development of the meteorological cause。

Third, we must take on unity and condense all cadres and workers to work united in the new journey、The glorious mission of innovation creation。The 20th National Congress of the Party puts forward clear requirements for the work of talents and cadres in the new era,The Academy of Vitamin as a gathering place for high -level meteorological science and technology talents,To do a good job in the work of science and technology talents in the new era,It is more positive for using a good enough、More open、More excellent talent policy,Reasonable structure under the leadership of high -level talents、Talent team with excellent quality。Best slot on Bet365All -round training、Introduction、Good talent,Comprehensively improve the quality of talent cultivation,Provides strong support for the high -quality development of meteorological in the new era。To center、Service overall,Vigorously promote the spirit of scientists、Conservation of excellent learning style,Storage of high -level technology self -reliance of self -strengthening。

Secretary of the Party Committee、Dean Duan Yihong emphasized in his speech,The 20th National Congress of the Party specifies the strategic goal of the new journey in the new era、Strategic task、Strategic measures,I sent a solidarity struggle to the people of the whole party、Mobilization Order of the New Victory。All units must hold the victory of the conference as a new starting point,Constantly improving political standing,Speed ​​up high -level technology self -reliance,Injecting inexhaustible motivation to achieve the high -quality development of the meteorological cause,To comprehensively build a socialist modern country、Comprehensively promote the support of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

Members of the leadership team of the Party Committee of the Academy made the key speeches,Science and Technology Management Office、Office of the Party Committee (Personnel Office)、Atmospheric ingredients and Environmental Meteorological Research Institute、Institute of Ecology and Agricultural Meteorological、A communication speeches with the principals of Global Change with the principals of Polar Research Institute。

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