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> Write to the top of the world to write atmospheric dream-the third atmospheric science test of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

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Qinghai -Tibet Plateau,Standing on the top of the earth with towering majesty,Win the title of "Range Range",Her average altitude above 4000 meters,Bet365 sportsbook reviewThere are 11 peaks with an altitude of more than 8000 meters above sea level,All stand on the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau。There are on the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau

Snowy Snow Peak,Crystal and dazzling glaciers and blue lakes,Green grass on the grassland,Grazy the group of yaks and sheep ... There are too many landscapes that attract us here,Everything makes people fascinating。In the eyes of a weatherman,Qinghai -Tibet Plateau also has a huge attractiveness! She is the most complicated large plateau in the world,With unique weather and climate characteristics,More importantly,She not Bet365 lotto reviewonly treats China、For Asia,and globalAtmospheric circulationThe formation of weather and climate has an important role.

& emsp; & emsp;、Under the joint promotion of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China,After more than ten academicians、More than 200 domestic and foreign experts for discuss and argument in the past four years,"The Third Tibetan Plateau Atmospheric Science Test (TIPEX-III)" was officially launched in 2013,Nearly 50 technicians participating in the experimental units adhering to the "hypoxia without fighting bet365 best casino gamesspirit,The spirit of higher levels of altitude ",After eight years of overcome difficulties,I have achieved rich scientific research results,Write the atmospheric dream with innovation,The development of the Qinghai -Tibet area with results,Use action to interpret the responsibility of the weather person。

Information Release time: December 12, 2020