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> Film All -Sky Cloud Observation System and All Sky Cloud Database

Film All -Sky Cloud Observation System and All Sky Cloud Database

Total-Sky Cloud Image, TCI) is the support of the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences,The foundation cloud automation observation equipment independently developed by the State Key Laboratory of Disaster Weather State。Three main components of the TCI device are: camera device、Sun cover device and processing Bet365 Online Live Dealerterminal,Among them, the camera device uses a combination of fish eye lens with high stable industrial cameras and perspectives with high stability。Different from other visible light wave segments ground cloud observation equipment,TCI's treatment of the solar obstruction adopts all the light in the spare time、A new type of protection scheme all open during observation,greatly reduced the complexity of the equipment mechanical structure,Suitable for promotion and application。This result has obtained a number of national patent authorization。

Film All -Sky Cloud Observation System Outside Field Photos

Film Sky Cloud Observation System Software Interface

Since 2009,We carried out observation tests in many different climate types,Get a large amount of foundation all -day cloud cloud observation information,Based on these data, a research method of cloud detection and cloud map classification method based on these data combined with Beijing Jiaotong University visual intelligence laboratory。To achieve data resource sharing,We have established the whole sky cloud chart database,Open to researchers at home and abroad,Study on promoting cloud detection and related algorithms for cloud identification。

All Sky Cloud Map Database

The full sky cloud map database contains 5,000 all -sky images,Divided into Qingkong、Volume Cloud、layer cloud、Five categories Bet365 Online Live Dealerof accumulated clouds and mixed sky,Each type contains 1000 images。These images are all our self-developed TCI equipment in 2012-2014。The resolution of the original image is 1392 × 1024,Its effective area is a circular area with a diameter of 800 yuan,And all images are jpeg format。Some typical all -sky images are shown below:

Examples of image all over the sky

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Interested researchers need to sign Data Sharing Agreement ,Send it to yangjun@cma.gov.cn,To get the download address。

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