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> The Team of the Academy Best slot on Bet365of Vitality won the seventh place in the total score of the global sports party

The Team of the Academy Best slot on Bet365of Vitality won the seventh place in the total score of the global sports party

20196month3Day,The Fitness Games of the China Meteorological Administration's employee is held as scheduled,Show and implement the strategic achievement of national fitness,Inspiring meteorological workers to build a new era with high fighting spirit。The Tear of the Academy of Vitamin struggle at this sports meeting,Complete all competitions with the excellent performance of the seventh total score。

Beijing Yang Yang Gao Zhao in the early summer,Green Tree Yin thick。In "Athletes",16The branch team takes a neat step,Entering the venue in sequence -China Meteorological Bureau2019Annual employee Fitness Games officially opened。"Flying ideal、Flying Passion、Go forward、Never lose! This is the dedication to meteorological technology workers,This is the insistence Bet365 lotto reviewof the Institute of Meteorological Science ... "With the solemn introduction of the podium,The athletics of the Academy of Vitality under the leadership of the party secretary of the academy Wang Chunyi,shout "Unity、Endurance、Realty、Innovation "slogan exciting enrollment。

    After the opening ceremony,The first is the ninth set of radio gymnastics competition,from the Academy of Vitamin20Famous athletes in Youth、A bright broadcast music with unity、The neat performance successfully completed the performance。

    In the collective project -fixed -point shooting,6×200meter relay and4×30Mito Gas Run、In the red flag running competition,Athletes of the Academy of Vitality Cooperation,Get excellent results。Among them, Secretary Wang Chunyi participated46The fixed -point shooting team over the age of age won the third place,46The fixed -point shooting team under the age of age won the second place,Under the double points of the collective project,Bet365 sportsbook reviewWin for the total score of the group26points.

    In personal project,Sports athletes play an advantage,Create again。Wang Gaili and Liang Xudong obtained46Girls' group and men's group5000The first place in M, and in1500The first of the women's and men's groups in the rice competition、Second place。Far -jump competition projects together27points,Become the "score king" in the participating project of the current Games。Another,Zhang Yangmei、Xiao Dong obtained the women's group in the kick -kicking game、The second place in the men's group,Total scores for the team。

    Athletes work hard on the court,cheerleading team cheer off on the court。Their enthusiastic infection with athletes、Inspired athletes! The logistics support team has made hard efforts for this,Each medal of athletes,I have devoted you to your sweat。

    This year4From from the month,According to the deployment of the central Best slot on Bet365and state organs,China Meteorological Administration revolves around "fitness you and me,For the new era "this theme,Wide -step walking activities,Hold a badminton、Table Tennis、tennis、Basketball、Football and other events。The majority of cadres and employees of the Academy of Vites actively participated and achieved outstanding results,Among them, the fourth place in the group in the table tennis competition。