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> Yin Jinfang participated in the Outstanding Youth (Collective) Style Display Activities of the Meteorological Department on behalf of the Academy of Gas Sciences

Yin Jinfang participated in the Meteorological Department on behalf of the Academy of Vitality

Excellent youth (collective) style display activity

20195month6Day,"Youth Heart to the Party、New Era of Jian Gong "Meteorological Department Outstanding Youth (Collective) Style Exhibition Activity is held in Beijing。8Excellent Meteorological Youth He2Excellent youth collective masterpiece exchanges speaking,Share Story of Struggle,Show youthful style,Commemorate the May 4th Movement100Anniversary。Associate Researcher Yin Jinfang from the National Key Laboratory of the Disaster Weather in Our hospital as a member of the outstanding meteorological youth,Share his problem from contacting meteorology to an eye -catching "card neck" problem,Contents of focusing on model research and development and numerical bet365 best casino gamessimulation research,Then to the front line of the first line of Xinjiang。

To commemorate the May 4th Movement100Anniversary,Party Committee (Party Construction) directly under the China Meteorological Administration organized the organizational work of the outstanding young and excellent youth of the tree selection meteorological department,Yin Jinfang’s excellent deeds stand out,Published in China Meteorological News,Show the mission of contemporary meteorological science and technology workers,Determination of innovation and perseverance。


Yin Jinfang's Dynamics Exhibition:

As a meteorological technology worker deserved in the new era

Dear leaders and representatives:

Hello everyone!

My name is Yin Jinfang,From the Institute of Meteorological Sciences。I am very honored to share with you today. I know me for meteorological technology workers in the new era。

When the college entrance examination fills the volunteer,What I chose was the more popular biological engineering major at that time,Due to fierce competition, I was transferred to atmospheric science。At that time, I did not know the specific meaning of atmospheric science,I thought it was an environment or astronomy,Think about Zhejiang University is not bad,Coupled with the "two questions" of President Zhu Kezhen on the admission notice, I feel good for,It has promoted my first relationship with meteorological。Freshmen enrollment practice,After visiting the Shanghai Xujiahui Meteorological Observatory,I gradually realized the meaning of atmospheric science。"Each number is arranged together,Formed a vivid weather map,Various weather phenomena jump on paper。"",I opened the door of the weather,I have an inexplicable fate。Nine -year learning career,Let me have a strong Bet365 Online Live Dealerinterest in the weather,and have a deeper understanding。So,My doctoral dissertation has achieved excellent results,and obtained Zhejiang University、Outstanding Graduates of colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province。

After graduating from a doctorate in 2013,I wish to be a researcher in the National Key Laboratory of the State Catalog of Disaster Weather。Being able to do things in your favorite field,I was very happy for a time,I feel that I have realized my dream。

But soon,A small thing sounded the alarm clock。I know clearly,That is2013mid -September。The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society published an article about radar simulator articles,The author welcome readers to use the software。I am very interested in this content,So I contacted the author,The author is also willing to share research results。But,9month20On the day, I received an useHotmailEmail sent by the mailbox。The contents of the email said: "Sorry,My supervisor tells me,According to the laws and regulations two years ago,We cannot release any software to the specified country (including China)。I can't even communicate with you with an official mailbox,Therefore, I will send you an email with a private mailbox "。When I see this mail,I feel shocked,I can't describe the inner pain,Angry,Helpless,Lost,Perhaps there is both。This incident deeply stabbed me,It also brought me a profound impact。Let me fully realize,We may be treated unfairly at any time,Must be self -reliant。I label this mail,Print it out in front of the desk,I hope it can spur and motivate me at all times。Angry、After being disappointed,More unwilling。Starting from the basic knowledge of the radar,Incorporate a little physical process,bet365 best casino gamesOpen the development of radar simulation。We have also encountered setbacks,No matter how you check the formula and program,The result is still inconsistent with the actual situation。Once I doubted whether we were wrong or the computer was wrong,I want to give up several times。But see the eye -catching mail in front of the desk,Stimulated the fighting spirit,Be sure to persist。After nearly three years of time,We are successful。When a radar map jumps on the screen,We are excited,excited to cry。Because this not only represents the successful completion of a technology,It also represents a dignity of a straight waist.。

At work,I often think of the question of "What kind of people do after graduation" proposed by President Zhu Kezhen。Although I can't answer accurately, I know to apply professional specialty to practice。2014year,I resolutely became "the eighth batch of central and state organs、A member of the cadre team of the Central Enterprise Aid "。Don’t forget the original heart,No humiliation mission,Not to forget the heavy trust of the party and the country。For Xinjiang geographical features,Dettish radar image,Sort the system running logs one by one; combine individual tests and statistical analysis,Repeated scrutiny。Fighting after nine months of day and night,Finally completed the quality control and assimilation test of radar data,officially applied radar data to the Xinjiang regional numerical forecast system。Except work,My other task is to cultivate young comrades,Give them a lecture,Discuss scientific issues。

Aid work in Xinjiang is far more difficult than expected,2015A year -old continuous abnormal high temperature weather,There is no air conditioning in the office and bedroom、No fan,It's like a steamer。Best slot on Bet365It is even more difficult to fall asleep at night,Even if you fall asleep, you will be wake up。"Three -year aid to Xinjiang Road,Acting in Xinjiang for a lifetime ",I forged a deep relationship with Xinjiang。Although in Beijing,But my aid work in Xinjiang is still going on,Recently, new progress has been achieved in the quality control of radar land miscellaneous waves。In the "Eighth Batch of Central and State Organs、Central Enterprise "Aid in Xinjiang,Excellent performance、Residential results,Remembering once,and get the honorary title of "Outstanding Aid Cadre Talents"。

Since working,I am selected as high -level talents of the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences、Excellent Youth,China Meteorological Bureau Youth Yingcai, etc.,To a certain extent, I interpret my love and dedication to meteorological career。But,While making progress,I never forget to warn myself,Quit arrogance and irritability,Move cautiously。Some people often say "We are a generation standing on the shoulders of the giant"。I know,The future road is still very long,There are many knowledge to learn,There are still many jobs to work hard,Many places, including Xinjiang, need our participation。We only have firm beliefs,Don’t forget the original heart,Remember the mission,Perform the responsibilities of meteorological technology workers in the new era,can better integrate into the development of the motherland's meteorological cause,Become a meteorological tide in the new era。

Thank you!