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> "Snow Dragon" returns! The 40th Antarctic Scientific Investigation was successfully concluded

      6:26 on April 10,"Snow Dragon" inspects the ice -breaking boat in the Bet365 lotto reviewexpectation and cheers of everyone to enter Qingdao Port slowly,It marks the end of the 40th Antarctic scientific survey in China。

"Snow Dragon" inspected the ice -breaking boat to stop at Shandong Qingdao People's Daily

      November 1, 2023,China's 40th Antarctic Expedition Team "Snow Dragon"、"Snow Dragon 2" and the "Tianhui" round "three ships" departure,Live 161 days,Total range of more than 81,000 nautical miles,successfully completed various inspection tasks。This is the first time in China to send three ships to perform Antarctic inspections,In addition to the impact and feedback of climate change on the Antarctic ecosystem, and related international cooperation,Construction of China Antarctic Qinling Station is one of the most prominent highlights of this Antarctic Investigation。

      Zhu Kongju, an associate researcher at the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, completed the two Antarctic inland inspection tasks of the "Southern and East Polar Ice Qi Interaction Observation and Simulation Research" and "Antarctic Inland Atmospheric Environment bet365 best casino gamesObservation Technology Test",Return to China with the "Cedar"。Introduction to Zhu Kongju,Antarctic Inland Science Investigation Team on December 16, 2023 departs inland,Return to Zhongshan Station on February 15, 2024,Inland life for a total of 62 days,Complete the departure base of Zhongshan Station、Taishan Station、Kunlun Station,Meteorological Investigation in the Ice Dome A area。Around the "Observation and Simulation Research on the Interaction and Simulation of Southeast Polar Ice Qi",Zhu Kongju in Panda-800、2 new ultra -low -temperature automatic meteorological stations in the Groofshan area,and repair the meteorological station along the way,Scope of observation of automatic meteorological observation,Then enhances the current site monitoring ability。During the inland travel period,Utilize the spectral spectrum of the ground to measure the spectral reflectance and the hardness of the surface layer of different snow surfaces along the way,Study the characteristics and distribution of inland snow; use the use of drones bet365 best casino gamesand empty balloons to measure atmospheric vertical lines around the meteorological station along the way,Further evaluate the parameterization scheme of relevant physical parameters、Optimization and improvement。

      Four members of the 40th Antarctic Scientific Examination Meteorological Department will go out with the team,Except for Zhu Kongju back,Zhang Lei from the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences、Ye Zhengqian of the Meteorological Bureau of Hebei Province、Wang Lingzhang of the Meteorological Bureau of Zhejiang Province will be at Zhongshan Station、Great Wall Station executes a one -year conventional meteorological observation task。

Departure inland

China ’s 40th Antarctic Kunlun Station (Taishan Station) team in Antarctica (Taishan Station)

New House Panda800 Meteorological Station

Make a meteorological station along the way

Calibration before measurement

Measuring the hardness

      Around the "Test of Technical Tests of the Antarctic Inland Atmospheric Environment bet365 best casino gamesObservation Technology Test" mission,Scientific examination players through the online continuous observation of the instrument、Gas cylinders sampling and drone atmospheric profile monitoring and other methods to carry bet365 best casino gamesout relevant atmospheric composition observation tests,Further explore the technical solution of the long -term observation of the inland atmospheric components of the Antarctic inland, especially the long -term observation of greenhouse gas。Where,At Taishan Station,Method of the construction of constant temperature cabinets and remote satellite transmission,Try to carry out long -term greenhouse gases and near -ground ozone continuous observation tests in the environment of low temperature in the Antarctic inland,Real -time real -time reckles of observation data,Verify technical solution feasibility of realizing unmanned atmospheric environment observations inland。

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