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> The Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences publicly recruits the announcement of the 2024 college graduate announcement

China Institute of Meteorological Sciences Public Recruitment2024Announcement of Fresh Graduates of colleges and universities

The Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences belongs to the China Meteorological Bureau,It is the most subject types in the field of atmospheric sciences in my country、The largest public welfare scientific research institution,The main research direction includes disaster weather、Atmospheric composition and environmental weather、Ecological and agricultural weather、Plateau meteorological、Global change、Polar Meteorology, etc.,The application of artificial intelligence in the meteorological field has also been developed、Carbon neutralization and evaluation、Research on emerging and cross -disciplinary disciplines such as meteorological impact and risks。The Academy of Vitality has a national key laboratory and a batch of department key laboratories、Wild Observation Base, etc.,and support the Nanjing Meteorological Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute with the support of the bet365 best casino gamesChina Meteorological Administration and local governments、Qingdao Marine Meteorological Research Institute、Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Meteorological Research Institute,The Secretariat of the Chinese Meteorological Society is also attached to the Academy of Vitality。

There is a combination of an old and Chinese youth、with young people as the main body,Research teams that are studied for Chinese meteorological modernization and the frontier fields of atmospheric science at home and abroad。Including the academicians of the two hospitals5Name,National Natural Science Foundation Jieqing、The winner of the Youqing Project and the new era of high -level scientific and technological innovative talents plan to be selected as selected30Others。Multiple research teams have been selected as key areas of national scientific and technological innovation talents in key areas and the bet365 best casino gamesChina Meteorological Administration Innovation Team。The Academy of Vitality will provide good scientific research conditions and training measures for young science and technology personnel,Promote the growth and development of young talents。

a,  Demand Plan

Working Department

Job direction

Professional requirements

Education degree requirements

Disaster Weather State Key Laboratory

Scientific Research

Atmospheric science, physics, meteorological, meteorological related category

Doctoral students

Atmospheric ingredients and Environmental Meteorological Research Institute
(Carbon neutralization and evaluation center)

Scientific Research

Atmospheric science、Environmental Sciences、Meteorological、Meteorological -related class

Doctoral students

Institute of Artificial Intelligence Meteorological Application

Scientific Research

Atmospheric science、Electronic and Information、Meteorological、Meteorological -related class

Doctoral students

Institute of Ecology and Agricultural Meteorological

Scientific Research

Atmospheric science、Utilization of Agricultural Resources、Meteorological、Meteorological -related class

Doctoral students

Institute of Ecology and Agricultural Meteorological

(Work location: Hebei Gucheng Test Station)


Atmospheric science、Utilization of Agricultural Resources、Meteorological、Meteorological -related class

Master's degree and above

Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Meteorological Research Institute

Scientific Research

Atmospheric science, meteorological, meteorological -related category

Doctoral students

Global Change and Polar Research Institute

Scientific Research

Atmospheric science、Ocean Sciences、Instrumentation category、Geographical Bet365 lotto reviewScience、Surveying and mapping、Electronic information 

Master's graduate students and above (master's degree limitation of Beijing students)

Meteorological Impact and Risk Research Center

Scientific Research

Atmospheric science、Mathematics、Economic、Meteorological、Meteorological -related class

Doctoral students

Journal Editorial Department


Atmospheric science, Chinese language and literature

Doctoral students

Management Department

(including the Secretariat of the Chinese Meteorological Society)


Atmospheric science、Application Economics、Economics、Industry and Commerce

Master's graduate students and above (master's degree limitation of Beijing students)

Remarks: The approval of the specific recruitment level or above is subject to the approval.

      Nanjing Meteorological Technology Innovation Research Institute、The recruitment plan of Qingdao Marine Meteorological Research Institute and the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Meteorological Research Institute will be announced separately。

2. Application of basic conditions and registration methods

(1) Basic conditions for graduates apply for

1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China;

2. Comply with national laws and regulations,Support the leadership and socialist system of the Communist Party of China,Political position is firm;

3. Have good ideological and moral quality, physical and mental health;

4. Have a strong professionalism and communication ability,Have learning、Innovation and teamwork awareness;

5. Fresh graduates from ordinary colleges and universities in China,You must have a graduation certificate at the same time before the specified registration time、degree certificate;

6. Have an academic degree that is compatible with job requirements、Professional or skill conditions,Body conditions that meet the requirements of the job。

(2) Situation that is not included in the scope of recruitment:

1. If criminal punishment is punished;

2. It was expelled from the Communist Party of China;

3. If the public office is expelled;

4. If it is listed as a joint punishment object;

5. Personnel files and other related materials are fraudulent;

6. Suspected violations of discipline and law are being undergone the review of relevant special agencies that have not yet concluded;


8. Law、Regulations stipulate that other circumstances shall not be recruited as staff of public institutions。

(3) Registration method

Resume receiving is mainly electronic version,You can submit your resume through the following two ways to deliver to our hospital,Two delivery Bet365 Online Live Dealermethods can be selected for one。Resume receiving deadline is December 31, 2023。

1. Email delivery。The winning situation、English and computer capabilities、Paper Published、The representative research results of patent authorization are made to make compressed documents and send it to my resume to:Renshi_cams@163.com。Mail theme name、Resume file name and attachment file name are in accordance with the "Application Department-Name-Education-Graduation College-Source Site "format naming.

2. Fill in online delivery。Log in to China Meteorological Bureau Meteorological Talent Recruitment Systemhttp://zp.cmatec.cn, submit your resume after registration and login.

3. Recruitment procedures

(1) Release recruitment announcement 

In China Meteorological Bureau、Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences、Relevant websites such as Meteorological Talent Recruitment Network Published Recruitment Announcement。

(2) Registration and qualification review

Candidates submit resumes in accordance with the announcement method of registration,The Academy of Qihage conducts qualifications for those who meet the basic conditions of applicants。Candidates shall be in accordance with the relevant regulations of the recruitment,Related materials needed to truthfully provide the relevant materials needed for applicants,Don’t fake it。Qualification review runs through the entire process of recruitment,Those who are found to be found to be found in any link,can be canceled or qualified to apply for examinations。

(3) Exam

Our unit will choose a written test or interview from the candidates who pass the qualification review after receiving the resume.,The professional knowledge required for the main assessment position、Business ability and comprehensive quality。If you do not enter the interview, you will not notify it separately。

(4) Examination and physical examination

Determine the inspection object,Examination content includes ideological and political performance、Moral Quality、Comprehensive Quality、Academic results、Research Thesis、Social Bet365 sportsbook reviewpractice, etc.。Organizational inspection objects for physical examination,The medical examination items and standards are determined by the current general standard for the medical examination of the civil servants。

(5) Public announcement and recruitment

Make sure the list of personnel to be hired,Publicity and filing in accordance with regulations。According to the results of publicity,Determine the official hire person。Publicity time is not less than 7 working days。

4. Contact information


Contact number:010-68406296/010-68408109