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Party mass culture
> The Party Committee of the Academy of Vitamin held a joint meeting of party building and party style and clean government construction work. Special inspection and inspection and rectification plan

      To further implement the special inspection and inspection and rectification work,March 8, 2019 and March 13, 2019,The Party Committee of the Academy of Vites has organized a joint meeting of party building and party style and clean government construction.Bet365 lotto review,Discussion and formulation of special inspections and inspection rectification plans。The meeting was deputy secretary of the party committee、Disciplinary Committee Secretary Li Hui hosted,Office、Technology Department、Personnel Office、Planning Office、The main person in charge of various functions of the Party Office and other functions attended the meeting。

Secretary Li Hui conducts specific guidance on the rectification plan and measures,He emphasized,It is necessary to fully realize that inspection rectification is the test gold stone of the "four consciousness",Further enhanced a sense of political responsibility and acuity,bet365 best casino gamesRectification measures must be from the system、Process、Mechanism、execution, etc.,Reflection of loopholes lack of vulnerabilities,Effectively take the inspection and rectification as a comprehensive and strict governance of the party、Opportunities for promoting the overall work and starting point,Provide important support for the Innovation and Development of the Academy of Vaca。

      Meeting,The person in charge of the relevant functional Office combed the feedback from special inspections and inspections,Developed specific bet365 best casino gamesRectification measures in accordance with the work plan and division of labor,Construction around grass -roots party Best slot on Bet365organizations、The implementation of the spiritual implementation of the eight regulations of the Central Committee and the supervision of the "four assets" supervision,Exchange discussions on key difficulty tasks and clarify the direction of rectification。