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Party mass culture
> The Democratic Life Meeting of the Democratic Life of the Democratic Life of the 2018 Institute of Garma of the Academy of Vitality

      January 30, 2019,The Academy of Vitamin held the 2018 Leadership Democratic Life Meeting,The meeting is deputy secretary of the party committee、Dean Duan Yihong chaired,All members of the leaders Bet365 sportsbook reviewof the college attended the meeting。Member of the Party Group of the China Meteorological Administration、Deputy Director Shen Xiaonong,Zhou Ruohui, a disciplinary inspector of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Ministry of Residence,Li Hongshan, deputy director of the Personnel Department of the Bureau,The supervision team of the bureau Pang Hongkui、Wen Hongtao attended the meeting supervision and inspection。The person in charge of the relevant functional office attended the meeting。

      Democratic Life Meeting,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Vitality、Deputy Dean Wang Chunyi first notified the rectification of the leadership team in 2017,I introduced the preparation of this democratic life meeting,and on behalf of the leadership team for a control check,From ideology and politics、mental state、Work style and other aspects,Combined with the actual work and work,Check the problem、Analysis of the cause,Clarify the direction and measures of rectification。Members of the leadership team conduct personal control inspection and self -criticism,Participants carried out mutual criticism。
Comrade Pang Hongkui Bet365 Online Live Dealerin the supervision team of the bureau commented,I believe that the Democratic Life of the Democratic Life of the Institute of Qi Sciences is fully prepared、Tight the theme,Promote all aspects in accordance with the prescribed procedures,Check the problem accurate,Criticism and self -criticism serious,Effective and feasible rectification measures proposed in combination with actual situation,Is a high -quality meeting,and put forward specific requirements for the rectification and implementation work of the next step。
Comrade Zhou Ruohui of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Ministry emphasized,To further strengthen political responsibility,Effectively implement the requirements of the party's strict governance of the party,Give full play to the leading role of leading cadres,Use the "four forms",Taking discipline in front,Efforts to create a positive political ecology。
Shen Xiaonong Director will fully affirm the democratic life of the leadership team of the Vacua in the speech,It is considered to be a high -quality democratic life meeting,Emphasize the need to further improve political standing,Strengthen ideological armed and party consciousness,Firmly Bet365 lotto reviewestablish the "Four Consciousness",firm "Four Confidence",Resolutely achieve "two maintenance",Do a good job of "three examples"; strengthen the construction of the leadership team,Implementing the "two responsibilities" of the party strictly governing the party,Seriously fulfilling "one position and two responsibilities",Effectively grasp the rectification work,Actively respond to a new challenge in the new situation。
Secretary Wang Chunyi in the conference summary of the party group of the Chinese Meteorological Administration、Deputy Director Shen Xiaonong and his party expressed his gratitude,and on behalf of the leadership team of the hospital,will further strengthen theoretical learning,Persist in armed brains with new ideas、Guidance practice、Promoting work,Resolutely deploy the decision -making of the Party Central Committee and the Party Group to implement it with a true and pragmatic style,Do a good job in the Democratic Life Meeting、Follow -up work such as formulation and task implementation of rectification plans,Implementation of rectification results into the specific work of promoting the development of the Academy of Vehicle。
To open this democratic life meeting,The Party Committee of the Academy Bet365 lotto reviewof Vites develops a democratic life meeting plan,Strict learning requirements,For soliciting opinions、Talking about heart and talk、After the rectification and other key links of the rectification, clear requirements。On the basis of writing for comments,Members of the leaders of the college hosted the main person in charge of each unit、Technology backbone、Management staff、branch secretary and branch member、outside the party、Young representatives of 6 different categories of opinions for consultation symposium,Suggestions and suggestions for the majority of cadres and employees。Squad members for outstanding problems,Exchange opinions frankly,Deepen the talk,Create a good atmosphere for opening a good democratic life。