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Party mass culture
> The central group of the Party Committee of the Academy of Vitality Study and Expansion Meeting In -depth study and implementation of the National Meteorological Director Work Seminar and Meteorological Department Organization Personnel Work Conference

      December 13, 2018,The Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences organized the seventh party committee theoretical learning center group to study expansion meeting,Convey the spirit of the National Meteorological Director Work Symposium and the National Meteorological Department Organizing Personnel Work Conference.,Combined with 2019 key work discussions and implementation measures。

      Li Hongshan, deputy director of the Personnel Department of China Meteorological Administration, was invited to make reports,In -depth organizational personnel Bet365 sportsbook reviewwork、Stimulates the theoretical training of leading cadres at all levels of the Academy of Gives。

      Do a good job of key work in 2019,Dean of the Academy of Vitamin、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Duan Yihong emphasized,To further improve political standing,To achieve the development of meteorological cause as a foothold,Grasp new opportunities,Welcome to the new challenge,Promoting the reform and development of the Academy of Vaca to a new level。His request,To further study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Strengthen responsibility; promote the comprehensive integration of scientific research business into the development of meteorological cause,Focus on achieving Bet365 lotto reviewbreakthroughs in core technologies; continue to deepen reform,Promoting the construction of scientific and technological operation mechanisms,Stimulate independent innovation vitality; promote the construction of scientific research and culture,Strengthen service awareness,Enhance the sense of obtaining scientific researchers,The spiritual power of condensing the entrepreneurial business。

      Party Secretary Wang Chunyi pointed out,To seize the opportunity of expanding the pilot reform of autonomy,Continue to write a big article for deepening reform,Clear development direction、Find the point of power,In the institutional reform、The construction of the cadre team continues to work;,Decision and deployment of the Party Group of the Party Central Committee and the China Meteorological Administration of Meteorological Bet365 sportsbook reviewBureau,Promote the deepening of the tasks of comprehensively and strictly governing the party in depth。

      Li Hui、Zhou Guangsheng、The members of the leaders of Wang Jinxing and other institutes make key speeches in combination with the management field。Participants around further deepening reforms,Perfect mechanism system,In -depth exchanges inspiring talent innovation vitality。