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> Comprehensive assessment of the 2006 Institute of Garma in the Academy of Vehicle Sciences also obtained excellent units
       2006year,Leaders of the Academy of Vitality led the employees of the entire hospital under the leadership of the party group,Work in all aspects has achieved great results,Evaluation of the year -end points bet365 best casino gamesorganized by the China Meteorological Administration,Comprehensive review,I got an excellent unit,This is a good grade for the Institute of Gas Sciences for six consecutive years to obtain excellent units。

For this,The leaders of the hospital require the employees of the hospital to be in the new year,According to2007Director of the "Deng Xiaoping theory and" Three Represents "as the guidance by the National Meteorological Director Meeting of the National Meteorological Director,Comprehensively implement the concept of scientific development,Earnestly implement the policies and policies of the 16th National Congress Bet365 lotto reviewof the Communist Party of China,Learning and propagating the spirit of the 17th National Congress,Continue to further implement the document No. 3 of the State Council,Centered on the service capabilities of improving meteorology as a harmonious socialist society,Vigorously promote "multi -track、Collection、Research type、Open -type "business technology system reform,Strengthen the construction of meteorological modernization,Accelerate the construction of a national meteorological technology innovation system,Make new and greater contributions to the comprehensive Bet365 sportsbook reviewconstruction of a well -off society。"" Simultaneous around2007The task proposed by the National Meteorological Director Meeting of the Year,Promoting efforts、Fighting、solid、The spirit of hard work,Make the various work of the Academy of Vitamin achieved more brilliant results in the new year。(Office of the Court)