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    Time 2024-07-16
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> The Graduate Department of the Academy of Vitality organizes a symposium on a postgraduate mentor
    1month19DayIn the afternoon, the Academy of Vitality is here801The conference room organized a symposium on the postgraduate mentor,The meeting was chaired Bet365 lotto reviewby the assistant dean Feng Xuezhu,Participants who attended the meeting are representatives of the graduate instructor directly under the China Meteorological Administration and eight professional research institutes。
    will be on,Assistant Feng first introduced the meaning and content of the symposium to the instructor of the meeting one by one,And I hope that the mentors put forward good opinions and suggestions for the training of graduate students,Graduate students cultivated by the Academy of Vitamin can provide better services for the development of meteorological Bet365 Online Live Dealercause and the construction of eight business tracks; subsequent,Meng Yuqiao, director of the graduate department, introduced the measures taken by the training of graduate students and how to improve the quality of graduate training; Deputy Director Wang Xin also introduced the relevant regulations of the graduate student status management at the meeting。Then,The instructors carried out a warm discussion on issues such as graduate training and innovation ability,and put forward good opinions and suggestions on how to improve the quality and innovative ability of graduate students,Best slot on Bet365Admissions for graduate students of the China Meteorological Administration in the future、Training and management, played a guiding role。(Graduate Department)