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    Time 2024-07-15
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> Atmospheric ingredients Observation Business Technical Training Course is held in Beijing

In order to strengthen the construction of the National Atmospheric Component Bet365 sportsbook reviewStation Network,Make sure the quality of the atmospheric composition observation data and the normal operation of the instrument and equipment,Promoting the business of the atmospheric ingredients,Monitoring Network Division by the China Meteorological Bureau、The atmospheric composition observation business technology training course jointly sponsored by the Atmospheric Component Observation and Service Center and the China Meteorological Administration Training Center in China2007Years1month18-21It was held in Beijing on the day.

2007Years1month18Daymorning,Training Course Kai Class at the second floor of the Science and Technology Conference Center of the China Meteorological Administration,Director Li Feng, Director of the China Meteorological Administration Monitoring Network Division、Deputy Director Zhang Xiaochun, Deputy Director of the Atmospheric Component Center of the Academy of Vitality and Zou Liyao, deputy director of the Education and Research Office of the Training Center of the China Meteorological Administration, presided Bet365 Online Live Dealerover the opening ceremony。Director Li Feng on behalf of the monitoring the network division to speak at the opening ceremony,Clarify the importance of this training course,Atmospheric ingredient Observation Network is one of the important professional networks of "three stations and four networks",It is also the basis of the atmospheric composition track business。Atmospheric ingredients Observation as an important new business,To strengthen business management,Improve the observation operation and maintenance and maintenance capabilities of observation personnel,Make sure the continuous acquisition rate and data quality of observation data,Encourage students to study carefully,Fight for the basic knowledge of the observation of atmospheric ingredients,Pass the test test smoothly。

Vice Director Zou Liyao's representative Bureau Training Center again emphasizes the significance of the observation of atmospheric components,Especially the importance of website observation,and ask the students to request,I hope everyone can study hard,Through Bet365 sportsbook reviewtraining, he became a qualified atmospheric component observation business personnel。

Deputy Director Zhang Xiaochun of the Atmospheric Component Center introduced the progress of the atmospheric composition track and construction plan to the students、The purpose and significance of the basic knowledge of the atmospheric composition and the research on the research of atmospheric composition,It also clearly proposes that the problems that need to be solved in collaborative solutions in the construction of atmospheric composition track,I hope that all stations across the country will be up and down,Strike the business operation of the atmospheric composition track as soon as possible。

Director Li Feng afterwards、Deputy Director Zhang Xiaochun and the technical support staff of the atmospheric ingredient center answer questions about the construction of the atmospheric composition rail business cared for each station,Standing staff seriously,The learning atmosphere is warm。

The training course for this time is four days. The main training content includes:

1、Atmospheric ingredient rail business development plan、System design and construction content;

2, gas -soluble, greenhouse gases, reaction gas and Bet365 Online Live Dealerother basic knowledge;

3、Basic principles of atmospheric composition observation instruments、Operation method、Maintenance and maintenance method;

4, data collection and transmission software;

5Other matters involved in daily observation.

    China Meteorological Bureau Atmospheric Component Station Network41The province where the station is located (district、Municipality) Relevant technical personnel and station observants at the Technical Equipment Center of the Meteorological Bureau70Yu people participated in this training。(Atmospheric ingredient center、Courtyard Office)


Atmospheric ingredients Observation Business Technical Training Course Open Class