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    Time 2024-07-16
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> The National Key Laboratory of the Disaster Weather of the Academy of Vaca passed the expert group of the China Meteorological Administration for inspection

In order to strengthen the construction and development of the State Key Laboratory of Disaster Weather in the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences,and prepare for the acceptance Best slot on Bet365of the Ministry of Science and Technology,China Meteorological Bureau Science and Technology Department Yu2007year1month15Daily at the Academy of Qihage901The conference room organized experts to conduct a comprehensive inspection of laboratory construction。The expert group is by Academician Li Zechun, the National Meteorological Center、Academician Xu Jianmin at the National Satellite Meteorological Center、Academician of the Atmospheric Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Researcher Xu Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of China Meteorological Administration、Researcher Guo Yaxi, Director of the Department of Science and Technology of China Meteorological Administration、Director of the Finance Department of China Meteorological Administration Yu Xinwen senior、Professor Xi Jianhua, deputy director of the Training Center of China Meteorological Bureau、Director of the National Meteorological Center, Researcher Jian Meiyan, and the Atmospheric Institute of the Chinese Academy of SciencesLASGResearcher Wang Bin, Director of the National Key Laboratory,The leader of the expert group is Academician Wu Guoxiong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences。Vice President of the Academy of Vitamin、Zhang Xiaoyi Bet365 Online Live Dealerand the assistant to the dean Feng Xuezhu and the laboratory relevant personnel attended the work inspection meeting。

The expert group first listened to the laboratory construction evaluation report made by Researcher Zhang Renhe, director of the State Key Laboratory of the State of the State National Key Laboratory。Report from the background of the laboratory、Organizational structure construction、Personal team construction、Construction of Medium Test Base、Laboratory ability construction、Laboratory management construction、Progress of scientific research、Eight aspects of open cooperation at home and abroad have been discussed in detail。After that,The expert group conducted on -site on -site inspections of the laboratory,Visit the office environment of the laboratory、Medium -scale Observation and Pilot Center Platform、Aircraft and radar detection laboratories、Journal reading room、Multi -function four -dimensional display academic lecture hall and other hardware facilities,Introduction to the function of relevant researchers on the function of the above facilities,And interested in experiencing the four -dimensional display function of the lecture hall。

Through this inspection,The expert group left Bet365 sportsbook reviewa deep impression on the results of laboratory construction,Think of the laboratory2005year3The Ministry of Science and Technology has officially approved the construction of the project,According to the requirements of the mission,Determine research direction、Research goals and research fields; formulated a practical management system,According to "Open、flow、Competition、Collaborative Mechanism,Carried out effective work; adopting public recruitment、Actively cultivate measures such as and talent introduction,A high -level research team with a reasonable structure of professional structure has been formed;、Management forecasters special、Carrying out academic exchanges and other measures reflect the open features of the laboratory; the progress of various capabilities is smooth,Basically completed the mid -scale observation and application test base、Laboratory Central Platform、Multifunctional Academic Lecture Hall、Journal reading room、The hardware construction of the aircraft and the radar detection laboratory and the first phase of high -performance storage、Calculating comprehensive capabilities and other construction; the progress Bet365 lotto reviewof various scientific research work is smooth,It has achieved good results and has been done in business。

Last,The expert group fully affirmed the achievements achieved during the laboratory construction,I believe that the laboratory is studying the target、Talent Team Construction、Research level improvement、Output of scientific research results、Exchange and cooperation at home and abroad、Basic conditions construction and laboratory management progress smoothly,Reached the expected construction goals。

To promote the better construction and development of the State Key Laboratory of the National Key Laboratory,Experts Establishment Laboratory further in accordance with the requirements Best slot on Bet365of the Ministry of Science and Technology on the construction of national key laboratories,Be prepared for acceptance,Settled the laboratory construction task。(State Key Laboratory, Office of the Disaster Weather)