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> "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" Science and Technology Support Program "Major Agricultural Meteorological Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning and Regulatory Technology Research Research" topic launch meeting was held in Beijing

Lead by the China Meteorological Bureau、The "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" science and technology support plan hosted by the Chinese Institute of Meteorological Sciences "Eleven Five -Year Plan" project "Research on the Monitoring and Bet365 Online Live DealerDisposal Monitoring and Regulation Technology Research" project of major agricultural meteorological disasters "2007year1month14Day-15A project launch meeting was held in Beijing on the day。Researcher Wang Chunyi, the host of the project、Liu Wenquan, deputy director of the Science and Technology Development Department of China Meteorological Administration, and relevant experts from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Forestry、10The host and relevant staff of the topic attended the meeting。

The meeting was chaired by the project host Wang Chunyi,Liu Wenquan Deputy Director of the project comes on behalf of the project competent department。Best slot on Bet365He pointed out: The application time for the project organization for nearly a year,Time to hurry up。This year is the first year of the project starting research,I hope that every topic will do a good job of work plan in advance,Open a good game。Then the hosts of each topic reported on the topic2006Annual work summary and2007Annual work plan; Researcher Wang Chunyi, the project host, fully affirmed the work of each research group,Guide to the research plan of each topic,And proposed during the project research period,Take the lead in the host of each topic,Carry out irregular academic exchanges,Create a strong academic atmosphere,Do the "Eleventh Five bet365 best casino games-Year" project、Her level。

At this launch meeting,The project team also discussed and determined the project consulting team、Technology Group、Member of the consultant group、Project annual assessment standards and project work briefings。Starting will receive a good effect,The work of each issue has officially started。(the project office supported by the agricultural gas)