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> China Meteorological Administration's new technical promotion project forecasting officer special (2005) 7 projects through seven Bet365 sportsbook reviewprojects pass the acceptance acceptance

In order to improve the forecast of the forecasters of the national meteorological department for the weather process of major disasters,The accuracy rate of improving my country's weather forecast,The level of forecasting technical level of improvement and promoting in -service forecast at all levels in the country,According to the "Administrative Measures for the" Meteorological New Technology Promotion Project "of the China Meteorological Bureau,Leaded by the China Meteorological Administration Science and Technology Development Department,The Special Work of Meteorological New Technology Promotion Project Predictives for the Specific Meteorological Promotion Project Predictors of the State Key Laboratory of Disaster Weather in China Institute of Meteorological Sciences has been carried out for two years。In order to accept research results,China Meteorological Administration's Science and Technology Development Department and the National Key Laboratory of Disaster Weather.2007year1month10DayIn the Academy of Given901The Best slot on Bet365conference room jointly hosted a special prediction officer2005Annual Project Acceptance Meeting.

The project acceptance expert group is researcher at the National Meteorological Center Li Yanxiang、Researcher Yang Minggui、Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology Development of China Meteorological Administration, Chao Qingchen Senior Work、Lin Yonghui, Minister of the National Key Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Vitality,、Xu Guoqiang、Zhu Guofu、Researcher Li Ying composition,Acceptance Expert Group Leader isCountryResearcher Liu Huazhu, Home Meteorological Center.

Researcher Wang Hui, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, attended the acceptance meeting and spoke at the meeting,He pointed out: The special project of the new technology promotion project as a laboratory is fully reflected in the laboratory's openness,To continue to strengthen management and promotion results。

Together7Specifications for the project for the project。The expert group carefully listened to the inspection and acceptance report of the forecaster,Comparison project task Bet365 Online Live Dealerletter,Questions and final discussions,Think "2004year9Simulation Research on the Specific Rainstorm Process of Yuechuan and Chongqing "、"Research on Structural Characteristics of the Flowing Weather in the North China Plain"、"Research on the Time Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Technology Research in Guangdong Province"、“2003Nianweihe River abnormal continuous heavy rain mechanism and forecast research "、"The impact of terrain and urban development on local precipitation and its forecast technology"、"Research and Application of the Integrated Forecasting Technology of Numerous Forecast Products"、"Research on Guizhou Frozen Rain formation mechanism and shard forecasting"Seven items including seven projects completed the original goal of the task book,Unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance acceptance。The research results of these projects have entered a business application,Get a good effect,New progress has been made in the combination of scientific research and business。The expert group puts forward further bet365 best casino gamesrequirements for the special research and development of future forecasters,I hope to continue to strengthen the projectManagement and expert guidance,Increase the training of front -line forecasters and cooperation with brother units,Application tests on the experimental platform will be performed on the experimental platform,and invest in business applications as soon as possible

This acceptance meeting is the first project acceptance meeting organized by the National Key Laboratory of the Academy of Vitama Disaster Weather.,Valuable experience has accumulated a special special management forecast,It is important for the development of the project。(National Key Laboratory, Office of the Institute of Disaster Weather)